Friday, June 23, 2006


Wednesday was the Big Game.  We played Arizona State, whom we had defeated earlier in the tourney, and played an awesome game.  We were down 2-0 going into the 4th and we made a comeback.  But then in the 7th they pulled ahead 7-5 and never looked back.  All we had to do was hold them at the top of the 7th and we won, but we fell apart.  No ONE person caused the loss, baseball is a team sport, but some players gave up and we made 4 errors in the 7th, more than the past 4 games combined.
The boys were upset, but we have another shot at it tonight.  All we have to do is play smart baseball and we can do it!!  When we got home after the game, the boy was very upset.  I told him the yell, shout, scream, cry or whatever after the game.  When all was said and done, keep your head and play your game, afterwards when you are in the car or already home then it is time to let it out, never on the field and never in the dugout.  Get pissed, get angry but do not let it affect your game.  So he had a good cry but when we talked about the game (he was not in the 7th inning) we found that he did his best and contributed to the team and even supported them when on the bench.  In that case I told him to be upset at the outcome but not at himself or his play, IF he did his best, which he did.
So, no prayers or good thoughts needed tonight (if you pray to God to help your team, does that mean he abandons the other team?), just hope for good, clean baseball and all the boys to have a good time.  There will be a winner and a loser, but as long as you play your game there is no reason to walk with your head lowered!!!!!


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