Sunday, June 25, 2006


SO we went out on Friday and did what we do, play smart baseball. At the end of the 4th it was 19-3 and the mercy rule took effect. We walked away from a great season with the Championship. The boy has played baseball for several years and has never been on a Championship team. He felt great, and knew that hard work and perserverance pay off!!!!!

Yesterday was the All Star Game for High School Basketball, I worked it (12 hours) and got home after midnight tired, hungry and having to use the bathroom. I hit the bed hard but was awoken this morning by the boy calling to pick him up from his 'security' gig at the festival. The scouts walk the perimeter with a police officer at night the 'protect' the booths at the fair. They have fun and stay up all night with the cops......

SO here it is 11am and I have already been to the fair twice (had to drop off the wife for her shift) and now I have to wake up the boy so we can shower and head out there. He is marching in the parade at 3pm so we have to get there early to get his uniforms and such........

Back to the grind....

PS I have to be at work tonight at is going to be a long day!!!


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