Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Already...

What a week! We have been very busy all week, so much so that I have not worked out but once all week and hardly visited my regular reads and sites on the internet in 2 days, I also had 43 emails this morning waiting for me.

Let's get started...

Monday: Big baseball game and we won and are going to the semi-finals! After a weekend of camping and canoeing it was a long hard game but well earned win!!!

Tuesday: Drove the boy to climbing camp at 7am (he then went from camp till 4pm straight to band rehearsal till 9:30). So I was up early and ran errands...

Wednesday: Camp again at 8am this time and then the Championship game at 7:30 till after 11pm which we lost. But since it is a double elimination we play again on Friday.

Thursday: Up early and too work by 9am to prepare for this weekends Indiana High School All Star Game, which I am switching as a freelance gig. Worked several hours prepping for it then got to regular job at 2pm to see Weather warnings and cut ins and all sorts of good stuff to keep one busy till quitting time. By the time I got home I was fried!!!!!

Today: The boy is at the last day of camp, we have our final game tonight at 7:30 (weather permitting) then off to the weekend....

Saturday & Sunday: I am working from Noon till 11pm on the All Star Game, the wife is working 9-Noon, the boy has Scout set up from Noon - 2pm then Scout Service from 6-8 then is doing 'security' for a festival with the scouts from 8pm till 8am (over night, walk the fair with Police Officers) then he marches in the Festival Parade from 2pm till 6pm then after party BBQ with band. The wife has to work the festival with her group from 8am till 11am and I have to work the late shift from 9pm till Midnight.

SO I will say ado for now as I might not have time to sleep let alone jump on the PC.....but you never know!


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