Friday, December 15, 2006

Writers Block...

Well that is assuming I am a writer!! I have had nothing to talk about the last week. Aside from the usual rants, nothing is going on. I think that is because we are so dang busy!!! Tuesday we had a Scout Court of Honor, then Wednesday I had a Scout committee meeting that lasted till 10, then last night we had a Christmas Concert. Tonight the boy has a party, tomorrow is my Office Party, Sunday I work 8am till 5pm and Sunday night is Survivor Finale and then it is Monday all over again. And it is the Monday before Christmas!!!

WOW I am boring lately, sorry. I hope the season has grabbed you, it seemed to a few weeks ago but now it has lost its grip a little. Last night was fun, a Holiday Concert that was actually a Christmas Concert. They had the Jewish holiday song but the night was about Christmas with some traditional and non-traditional but seasonal songs. I was very surprised to be in a school and here actual Christmas songs. It was very nice and extremely non-PC, even better!!!!


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