Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy Day 2

Awoke today to not working out. I was but I had to sew. Yes I said sew. I sewed on a patch on the boy's Scout uniform, then put a hem into my Scout pants. We have a Court of Honor tonight and we have to look our best. Once again I am giving out the Eagle Palm award. It should be a good night, long but fun.

Last night the boy informed us that he has a 'busy' weekend. Friday night is a friend's birthday party, Saturday afternoon is his band's practice (garage not marching) and then he has a 'date' with his girlfriend and 6 other kids on Saturday night. We told him it all depends on his grades. He needs to keep them up to be able to go this weekend. I am hopeful but doubtful for him. He gets the lazy and will forget to hand in an assignment and boom, fail. We are on him about it and support him, so we shall see.

After I got my raise we thought we were having a very merry Christmas, but then the wife called and said she just got her gift from her boss, shares of company stock totalling $7000!!! Now she cannot access the stock nor can she take it with her for 3 years but it is still a gracious gift and a nice addition to our future!!!

Now it is back to work as the lunch hour is over and I must get going...


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