Monday, December 11, 2006

One More Saturday Night...

This weekend went way too fast. Not only did I have to work at 5am Saturday morning, I was up to all hours of the night all weekend. Doing work, filling out Christmas cards and hanging with the family. This week is no different, not only do we have something planned EVERY night this week but I also have a function on Saturday night and have to work all day Sunday.

I had planned on railing on the world here today as I was a little grumpy this weekend and asking about anger issues, etc but while working out this morning I was talking with some fellow gym nuts (ha). I have known this older couple for 2 years now and we talk at the gym. Well I have not seen them in awhile and asked where they had been. Seems their grandson was home from Iraq for a week and they went to visit him. His platoon (my word) was on it's way to a routine patrol when their transport was hit by an explosive. Five of his men were killed instantly, 2 wounded. He called for air transport then started collecting body parts so they were not all over the road. When the helicopter arrived they put the two wounded soldiers on and took the grandson (their lieutenant) with them. Both men dies in his arms as they fly over the desert. HE is now a Captain and received the Bronze Star for his actions that day. He is home for several weeks but is spending them visiting the home of the 7 men he lost under his command. Slights, work issues, holiday rush and bruised egos all go away when you hear of real problems and true heroism. Keep my friend's grandson and all of our troop in your thoughts and prayers this and every day!

PS The grandson is actual one of two, his twin brother is also in the service and is serving in Hawaii (that is what happens when you graduate top 1% at West Point)....


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