Sunday, December 03, 2006

A New Day Breaks...

I was up and wandering at 7am this morning. I have already finished my Internet travels and have loaded several discs on my itunes. So I figured I'd hit blogger and see what is shaking! Today will be a busy day! The boy has to finish 2 projects (he has been working on them), the wife wants to finish decorating and I want to do the Christmas cards...looks like we have our hands full!!!

Yesterday the boy joined his first garage band. Well they do not call them that anymore as most homes in the general area have 'music rooms' (alas we do not). Hell the kid who formed the band has an 'extra' drum set so the boy does not have to pack up his and move it across town!!! His grades are up and better and he earned this. He had a great time and they wrote a song, so this should be fun!

Oh well off to the races!!!! Have a non-hectic Sunday!


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