Monday, January 29, 2007

Countdown Begins...

Today starts the week from hell. The Colts are in the Super Bowl and we should be going all out. Right now we are not, due to various reasons I have not the time to explain (but will). My whole worry is the fact that since no one in charge has their ducks in a row, it will fall on us little people to pull their butts out of the fire. And it is always done well but always feels SO BAD!!!!

No update on the investigation has started and I am talking with the Asst. Principal today.

The boy had a good weekend and took it like a man, so far so good. He asked to talk to his girlfriend and we let him do it in front of us. His grandmother is picking him up all week and we have several chores for him to do to work off his debt. He seems optimistic about it and is taking it very well. I know I always say this but I have high hopes (how can you not for your child). I will update as we go along.

Also thank you for the comments and emails. I am feeling much better now. I just got hit pretty hard last week all in a row with the boy and it leaves one a bit overwhelmed. I have righted the ship and sailing to calmer waters. Plus I worked out today which makes it 3x in a row.


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