Monday, January 22, 2007

Quick Shocking Hits....

- Colts are heading to the Super Bowl!!!!! There is much rejoicing!!!!

- I may or may not be heading there as well. The higher ups are taking their time coming up with a plan.

- One friend just gave her 2 week notice. I had no problems with her but others are dancing for joy. I will miss her and told her that.

- Another friend did not make it to work this morning. He was arrested for DUI and spent the night in jail. He works from 4am till Noon and the boss had to be called because he did not call anyone and just did not show up. Could be very bad for him. Could be the example my boss needs to make and get the rest of the AM crew in line.

- Trying to get tickets to Yankee game this summer. Opening Day is the same time as the boy's spring break. Things are coming together.

- Had a good weekend with family. Wife and boy and I had fun and it was nice to visit with LA brother and his wife and the niece! Cutie at 2!!


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