Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Morning...

I had a terrible day yesterday. I was in not mood for anything! I did not talk to anyone and wouldn't it be the busiest day of the year so far. I had so much stuff to do yesterday that I had no time for lunch. I was able to leave it at work and headed home to have a nice dinner out with the wife and then pick up the boy from Pep Band. He has been so busy lately, he goes right to bed when he finally gets home. Tonight is a late night in that he has a hitting class (baseball) from 9-9:45, with a former Major League Player. Should be fun!

Worked out today, 40 minutes cardio, 16,000lbs lower body weights. Tomorrow we do the upper body!

I am working the Colts game this weekend. So if you are in the area stop on by, I will be the freezing Director standing outside in a portable studio for 2 hours before the game. It should be fun, but not as nice as last year's playoff game when I stood on the field for the entire game. If /when they win I am heading to Miami for the Super Bowl, at least that is the plan. They said they want to send 2 directors and 2 audio people, keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I got this comment from jenean:
That's a great idea! Now what do you do with the bill stubs? Do you archive those in a file drawer somewhere or do you just toss?
keep the bill part and file and then put in a folder for the year and keep for 7 years. I have an excel file that I put the bill's Total Balance and then the amount I pay. I then shred the bill stub. The bottom part is my record, my excel sheet shows my total payments over the year and running balance on all bills. Hope this helps, works for me.....


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Jenean said...

Thanks for the tip :) I definitely need help in this area. It's funny, when I was single I was very organized and meticulous about organizing the bill paper work, but four kids and a husband later other things get in the way, I suppose :)


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