Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

Calendar Keeping

I have 3 different calendars I work on. The one on the ridge, the one on the PC I use at work and one small paper one I keep with me. To keep them all in sync I use the small one as the go between. I add most of my stuff (work, family, scout, baseball, etc) on my Google Calendar. Every day when I get to work I open it to see what the day holds, I also take out my little calendar book (cheap at Targ*t or wallyworld) and make any additions needed. When I get home I transfer the info to the fridge calendar which the rest of the family uses. And if they need to add anything they do it on the fridge and I make the notes and transfer to Google Calendar. I know you are saying but Bryan why not just use the pocket calendar, well A) it does not keep the family informed and b) sometimes I leave it home or at work and I can access my online calendar from any PC... Anyway, It works for me!


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