Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quick Hit Thursday

I have had too many thoughts rambling around in the old noggin so here are some Quick Hits:

Congrats to Cal Ripken Jr and Tony Gwynn. Two players who more than deserved to be elected into the Hall of Fame. They are really the first major Hall of Famers to start and end in my generation. They played hard on the field and were gentlemen of the highest caliber off the field. Nothing teaches the players of today and tomorrow by honoring men who PLAYED the game. It is nice to note that they both spent their entire careers with ONE team!!! Put aside Cal's streak and Tony's highest career batting average since Ted Williams and you still have two of the best ball players that have played the game in a very long time! It is a time of celebration for all of baseball!!!! Oh and Goose Gossage in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!

My body is bouncing back from 3 weeks of not working out. Coming back knocked me on my butt but I am so glad I did...

Some comments on yesterdays post: I think the ACLU will, in the end, lead to the destruction of America if someone does not stand up and say enough. The newest case involving them is that of prosecuting the Rhode Island State Police for violating the Constitutional rights of 14 illegal aliens. See a State Trooper pulled over an erratic driver early in the morning (ie drunk time), the driver of a van was swerving all over the road and got pulled over. When the Officer approached the vehicle he found 14 men in the van of whom NONE spoke English and the drive had neither License nor registration. But since they could not provide ANY identification and there was no common language the Officer had the driver and the van follow him to the Immigration Offices. He then turned them all over to ICE and went his way. Now the ACLU says that this Officer was racial profiling these men, who all turned out to be ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!

As for gay men in Scouting. I know gay men and women and I know that not all are pedophiles but I believe it is a matter of protection. While all men are not pedophiles you do not have men as leaders in the Girl Scouts. Let us see, a troop of 16-18 year old girls on a campout with a 35 year old man, not to say that some would happen but you have to protect yourself. In the end, this is a private organization with it's own rules. There is no Federal or Local Funding. It is all based on fundraiser (Cookies, Popcorn, Candy) and generous donations from private individuals. So if tomorrow they decide to exclude left handers then that is their right. I would be disappointed and saddened but I would have to find or form my own little group...just my 2 cents.


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