Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back Up And Running...

Heard from the In-Laws and was able to get updated from yesterday. The tornadoes hit their town and wiped out a lot of the neighborhood. They were fortunate enough to not have a lot of damage. At first we thought the house was gone but we got the info 3rd hand (they called the sister-in-law who then told the other sister-in-law who then called us). We spoke with them last night and they are fine. It will be awhile before all the damage is assessed as there is only one way in and one way out of that development and the path of the storm is right over it. In the end they are safe and sound and that is all that matters.

The boy and wife are sick. She is at work and he is still sleeping. I am letting him get some rest as he has been good all week but really dragging. He needs the rest. His grades are up and he is studying everyday and reading as well. We still are working on the cell phone bill so I am sure there is more drama to come but so far he is taking it like a man and I am very proud of him.

As for work this was the worst 2 weeks of TV I have ever been part of my entire life. While is was a time to shine we fell face first. On our end we were very prepared and ready for anything (all hands on deck as my boss says) but others in the building just did not get it. There were about 3 departments that were ready and able and the news department disappointed us to no end. My co-workers and I were really looking forward to a fantastic week and we were sorely disappointed. Speaking in the control room last night the general feeling was that we had lost the big game (to use a football analogy) and morale was terrible. You can only be kicked down so many times before you just stop trying to get up. Oh well, at least we have a great game to watch tomorrow....

Go Colts!


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