Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday's With Bryan

The boy is doing very well. He spent yesterday playing with his nephew (3) and doing homework. He did a FANTASTIC job on his homework last night. He called to ask if he could get on the computer to type it all out, he even typed out his Math homework with correct symbols and all. He then asked my mother if he has the time from homework and chores if she would give him cooking lessons when he is at her house. I called his guidance councilor and told her about some troubles he is having at school (this is the 4th school in 4 year due to moving twice, and redistricting). She met with him and they had a nice talk. The boy said he liked it and is going back again.

I know it is only one day but it makes me feel good to see him stepping up and making the best of it and not sulking about it.

Work is slowly killing me, they were totally caught off guard by the Super Bowl and now are playing catch up, and not very well. I am convinced that nobody in television actually understands how television works, it is not FM (Fu*king Magic). A lot of hard work and planning goes into it on my (production) end and that is AFTER you (news/management) decides what you want. I have actually had producers hand me rundowns/scripts 10 minutes before a newscast and expect it to go right. As a director we go over a show script by script, so if it is an half hour show then it will take about 20 minutes for us to mark scripts, block shots and confer with the TD and Audio op to make sure everything needed is in place. I am counting to 10...


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