Monday, February 05, 2007

Colts Win! Colts Win!

As you may have guessed sometime ago, I am a baseball man. I never really 'followed' football, I had a favorite team (Cleveland Browns) but mainly just followed some scores and watched the Super Bowl. When I arrived in Indianapolis there was a team that was worth watching. My father has season tickets, my TV station was the official station of the Colts and nobody seemed to say a bad thing about them. So I started watching every Sunday and attended some games and followed the team during the work week. In the end they grabbed me. They showed me some great football but they also showed me that professional athletes can be good at what they do (sometime Great) and also humble. There were no loud mouths or cash holdouts or trade demands or airing of dirty laundry through the media. Here were a bunch of players who enjoyed what they do, who did it very well and understood they were getting millions to play a game.

Last night I was witness to the culmination of several seasons worth of fantastic football. All season long all the pieces fell into place and last night it all paid off. What a great team deserving of a great honor. Indianapolis Colts are World Champions. Awesome!!!

After the game the boy went with me and my father to the local Dick's Sporting Goods to see if they were open to purchase some World Champion attire. We joined several THOUSAND people in picking up t-shirts and hats. No drunks, no loud mouths, no pushing or shoving, no cutsies or cursing. Quality fans supporting a quality team. As the line grew so did the noise. But it was all high fives and Let's Go Colts chants, hugs abounded and cell phone took photos of the craziness. The only trouble of the night (it took us an hour and a half to get in and get out) was when a person wearing a Bear's Jersey walked in. A slow rumble became a loud roar as people at first booed then started a Colt's chant. The man eventually weakly waved and then walked out. I believe he changes shirts as I heard someone in line behind me ask aloud if the man walking pass the line was the same guy...


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Mindy said...

Yay for the Colts! They really deserved it!


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