Monday, February 26, 2007

Come Sail Away...

Yes, up early and out the door! 40 minutes cardio and 40 minutes weight training. What a way to start the week. I feel good about it and plan on hitting the gym at least 4 times this week. Wednesday will be my rest day and a chance to pay bills and run errands in the AM.

What a weekend of nothing. And everything. It was one of those lazy weekends were we HAD to do certain things, got them done and just wanted to go back home. So that is what we did. We went to my favorite place in the whole wide world, Half Price Books. We sold a bag of books ($6) and picked up $30 worth of stuff. I took the offer as I was not bringing those books back into the house. We ate a nice lunch as a family and had some good laughs and bonding. We hit Joann's for scrap booking supplies. We have tons of pictures and ticket stubs and brochures, etc, and the wife wants us to give it a try. I think we got enough NON-GIRLY stuff that we can do it as a family and not feel weird. It should be a good time for all, we went through some pics this weekend and picked out several we want to use.

We did try to go out to eat at the boy's favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings. We walked in and sat down and were tossed out. Apparently it is an 18 and only place now because they allow smoking. A nice place for the family (well our family) to go and watch some baseball and eat wings, now gone because they allow smoking. I am not one of those CIGS KILL people and TAX CIGS %100 so no one smokes but man alive people, can you put the butts down long enough to eat a meal without lighting up so others can enjoy their food next to you. I am firing off an email today to the BW3 HQ showing my disappointment. My In-laws own a restaurant and their profit went UP after they banned smoking in NY. They say it was the best thing NY ever did for the small business.

PS Saw Little Miss Sunshine last night. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! More movies like that and less of that Al Gore crap or remakes from Hollywood!!!!!!!!


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