Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where Is The Weekend...

Man it feels like I have worked about 5 days since the Super Bowl but yet it is only Tuesday. Yesterday we went all out on coverage of the Colts returning and having a parade and ceremony at the RCA Dome.

We went live as the plane was landing at the airport till the end of the rally at the Dome. All told I sat in a seat and switched my butt off from 3:30 till 8pm. It was crazy, incredible, frustrating and above all rewarding. Regardless of how others performed I know I did a great job and gave it my best.

The better part about yesterday was that the boy went down to the Dome with his Grandmother and Grandfather. They picked him up after school and drove downtown and sat in the seats for 4 hours. While they were waiting for the team they showed the ENTIRE GAME on the jumbotron and then switched to OUR coverage of the parade. We could hear the reactions in the control room when we put certain people on the screen and even got a wave started when we did fan shots of the THOUSANDS that were in the Dome. The boy had a great time, he said it was loud and blinding when the trophy entered the Dome and that it was one of the best experiences of his life!!! He is wearing his Super Bowl Champs sweatshirt again today...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Leave a comment when you drop by, I have not heard for some of you in a while (I'm talking to you Brent).


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Brent said...

Yes, yes, I know. I've been really bad about visiting everyone. Especially you.

I'm just so damn glad the Colts won. That TD by Chicago on the first play nearly killed me.

I'm glad your son had such a great experience. That's a once in lifetime event.


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