Saturday, April 07, 2007

2,500 miles (roughly)

That is how many miles we put on the family vehicle this week. A break down:

1. The boy and I had a nice 5 hour ride to pick up mom in Cleveland (she was there on business). A great time. We talked and sang and he danced during certain songs. Most of all we laughed.

2. Rochester: my annual fantasy baseball draft. Picked up my trophy for last year's win (pics to follow) and met with guys I have know for years. Had a blast talking baseball and shooting the breeze. Had a horrible draft but this year the boy stayed and helped out. The guys liked that. Another good time.

3. Upstate NY: surprised the FIL with a visit on Sunday. He surprised us by hosting (the MIL) a baby shower for a co-worker of the MIL. They jumped and screamed then put us to work. So family we haven't in a while and then ate very well.

4. Upstate NY II: The next day we went to the Sister-In-Laws (2) with our nephew (just turned 2) and new Brother In Law to be. Ate, drank, played with the boy, ate again, shopped and played some games. Oh, and TALKED. Worked out very well.

5. NYC: Ate a nice dinner with my Grandmother who went ALL OUT for us in her little apartment. Spent the afternoon 'visiting', then went to my Aunt's were we stayed.

6. Yankee Stadium: drove to the stadium for a day game on Wednesday, Rained Out. Stood in line for tickets to the next game, SOAKING WET for 2 hours. Drove back to aunt's to dry off and visit.

7. Yankee Stadium II: The boy hung with my youngest cousin (25), they drove in his new car and played hoops at the park. Showed the boy my old NYC haunts, then went to Yankee Stadium AGAIN for the 7:05 game. AWESOME (separate post at later date)

8. The Car: left NYC at 1pmish after saying goodbye to ALL. Drove past city (saw Statue of Liberty from Bridge) and headed home. 12 hours later pulled into Garage in Indy and feel asleep.

That in a nut shell is 2500 miles on a car.....more details and pics to follow.............


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