Monday, August 20, 2007


I had the gym shorts and socks all ready for me this morning. But it amounted to nothing!!!! Even though I went to bed early we had a big storm all night and I could not sleep. At one point I got up and walked the house to check on everything. It was BOOMING!!!

I finally bought a sprinkler for the yard on Saturday. Yes it is one of those tractors that roll across the lawn. No it is not the John Deere model, just plain yellow. It is cool and it does the job, plus it is a set it and forget it machine. I can lay out the hose path, turn on the water and then the tractor reaches the end of the line it will shut off...

For some reason I have been ignoring the news lately. Which is funny when you realize that I direct 2 hours of newscasts a day. I do my job and do it well but the words kinda buzz into the background. We have one segment that deals with Iraq and I hate it. It is the same footage every day, destroyed buildings, walking soldiers and the occasional terrorist shooting off a RPG. No real news, no stories, maybe a body count and that is it. Cover it fully or do not cover it at all, do not half-ass it!


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