Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vim and Vigor...

It seems I am waking from a long sleep. I have been quiet on many a topic and then retelling mundane tales of family life and yard work. The problem is that nothing is really going on. It is politics as usual and I am tired of it. Some people got on their soap box and tried to blame the bridge collapse on the Bush Administration. I am sure someone is finding a way to do the same with the mine collapse as well.

Iraq is the same story everyday. I remember being in 8th grade maybe and listening to Made In America from The Blues Brothers. During one song Elwood (Danny Ackroyd) goes on this monologue about the world, life and everything. At one point he says "Let's take that Monroe Doctrine that says we must patrol the world and throw it out and stay home for the next few years people." Back then (say 13) I was like, ALRIGHT MAN, screw everyone else, take care of our own. in the 24 years since, my mind has not changed. I feel life would be easier if we took care of home first. We are a rich and powerful nation that is hated in many parts of the world. No amount of spending will make those people love us any more. So why toss the money and men away. Take those assets and use them here. Use them to help the cities, the farms, the failing small business, the drowning families paying $4 for gas. Happy, healthy and prosperous people are more charitable, are more productive and more inclined to give where needed. When my mortgage check bounces because I spent an extra $300 just to drive to work last month I hang up on the Friends of Police and don't watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon, because I CAN'T GIVE.

Wake up people and rise. There is a country calling you home and it is time we took it back!


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

I've been saying that for years. You can't so for others until your own bakyard is cleaned first.


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