Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Walking into the library yesterday I saw a gentleman I used to workout with. He is about 82 years old and when I was going 4 times a week I saw him there EVERYDAY. He sat on a bike and did some weight lifting. We would always stop and say hello and he always had a dirty joke (oh the days before PC!!!!) that made me laugh. So there I was checking out a book and in he walked. He came right up to me and said " Where the hell you been, haven't seen you in months." I smiled and told him I had a ton of excuses but I am sure none would work. He laughed told me another dirty joke and then looked me in the eye and said " I better see you Thursday".

So I am going back to the Y on Thursday morning. I have wrapped up some things that needed wrapping and getting up with my son so I am up at that early hour...

Guilt is a good thing!


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