Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday Ramblings...

WINNERS!!!! The boy ended his Marching Band season at the Mid-States in Ohio and they came in FIRST OVERALL!!!!! It was a hard season but they were fantastic and he was VERY excited. He wore his medal all day yesterday and then had it on this morning as he left for school. We are very proud of him and the band. He had a great time this year ( a little bumpy to start) and is already signed up for Winter Percussion. Way To Go!!!!

LOSERS!!!! The Colts lost the big game yesterday. I think Losers is a bit harsh. They played fantastic, the defense jumped up and saved the whole game. Little Joe ran his a$$ off and kept us in the game. The only player not up to par was Payton. For the love of God man, THROW THE BALL!!!!

Writers Strike: I am torn on this. I am a big supporter of Unions (being a union man for almost 12 years) and would love for everyone to get back to the table. This could be bad for TV viewers. There are some greatly written shows on today and they will suffer. As for the movies, there has not been an original movie put out in some time, the odd one once a year or so but otherwise it is just remake remake remake...


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