Monday, November 19, 2007

Heart Full of Soul

What a week x 2!!! Yesterday was my first day off in 14 days. Between freelance work and illness at my main job I have been going full steam ahead! It was nice to sleep in and then not have to worry about getting ready to go out to work, I left the house twice. Once to pick up the boy from the campout and then other for mass. Otherwise I was in the sweats watching football, catching up on the PC and doing laundry. It was very nice.

Thanksgiving is upon us already. I cannot believe that the Holiday Season is here. We have so much work to do and there is never enough time to do it! The one good thing is that the house it clean and we are keeping it that way. So far so good...

The Writers strike is well under way and most of our shows will be going away in the next week or so. Which is actually fine with us. We are TV hoarders. We record entire runs of shows and when summer comes (or mid season break) we then have something to watch. It works very well now when it seems that our shows will not be coming back after the holiday break.

Well too much in my head but not enough time to write it all......


At 6:52 PM, Blogger Mindy said...

I'm glad you seem to be doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!


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