Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Losing Sleep

This is my 9th day in a row at work. I did a 12 hour freelance job on Saturday and as I left the building at 11pm my boss called and told me I was needed at 4am at the station. Then a full Sunday after working (church, family, Scouts) made sure I did not get home to even think about a nap until 5pm. I am still catching up on sleep, unsuccessfully. And I still have 5 more days to go until my next day off (more OT this weekend).

The wife got a promotion Friday. She was made a full Vice President! I am so proud of her. She has worked he butt off these past 3 years to make a name for herself here in Indiana. They gave her a bump in pay (10%), and bump in bonus percentage (not sure how that works) and another week of vacation. I am closing to my goal of being a kept man and on a lark I walked into my bosses office to hand in somethings and said (while still talking to my wife), oh my wife is now a VP and told me I have to put in my two weeks. My boss stopped in mid reach to grab the tape and just looked at me. I then told her I was only kidding and she started to breathe again. Oops! Well at least I know I am a valued member of the department, that or she does not feel like doing the paperwork to hire a new person. I am going with the first one, maybe........


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