Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Believe...

In Family.

Family is the most important thing in life after God, plain and simple. With family you can do anything and be anyone! Without you are flying without a net. I would do anything for my family, when young that ment beating bullies for my brothers/sister, now it means being there when needed. I lived with my wife and boy for many years on our own. We did great, fantastic even and brought my son up right. But through those 10 years my family was never far away...mentally; physically they were 12 hours away, but need a babysitter this weekend, we'll be there, going on a business trip, tell us when. Can't get Christmas off, we'll spend it out there.

Growing up in New York City and being Italian I have tons of family all over the island. I grew up with more aunts, uncles and cousins then 3 families have. Each one important, each one there for you, each one as close as a brother or sister. Christmas lasted a month back then so we could visit and see everyone. Sunday dinner was always packed, at least 14 people and family gathering were HUGE. We once had a Bar-B-Que with close family only and 300 hundred people showed up. Many families have problems, mine as well but in the end you are blood! The only thing more important than your family is the family you make with your spouse. I would move the world for my wife and son, and as a hot blooded Irish/Italian I have... I am very protective of my family, have been known to confront people in defense of them and sometimes do the stupid thing as well. When my family is hurt or attacked or wronged I do lose control and the wife has to reason with me to calm down. There is nothing too big for them to ask and nothing to stop me from protecting them as best I can.

God first, Family above all others!


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