Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Kid Gloves

People are afraid of discipline. You can no longer yell at a child,
or spank, or give a good smack to the head. And that is a shame.
When I was young, all adults were potential disciplinarians. If the
old lady down the block caught you doing something bad you knew you
were going to get it when you got home. One would never act out in
front of a friend's parents and when at sport events or school
concerts you acted on your best behavior lest you get spoken to by an

Today there is no respect for adults and largely because milksops and
granola crunchers have pussified the parents in to believing a) things
like game scores, punishment and yelling would harm the fragile minds
of kids and 2) you can be sued/jailed and the kids removed if you beat
or spank or speak harshly to a child. End result is out of control
children and helpless parents.

We need to take back our families and get the courts and government
and ACLU out of our homes. Sure if a child is abused then things need
to be done but let the parents raise their children and discipline
their children and 'grow' their children.

Better children = better grades = better schools = better teachers =
better young adults = better communities = better leaders, volunteers,
coaches = better parents = better children.

I'm just sayin'.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Norma said...

Here's a thought. All those people who got knocked around by THEIR parents apparently didn't think it worked, so they changed to talking them to death.


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