Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

The boy left for summer camp and the wife and I are alone. I will be joining him on Wednesday and have spent the week getting ready for several days in the woods. It's been hot around here, too hot to do anything really, so we have hunkered in the A/C and hung out, movies and such.

Our big project was the powder room downstairs, for those not in the know a powder room is a small bathroom off the foyer on the main floor for guests to use and not have to go upstairs to your main bathroom, or for us men the downstairs bathroom. The wife found a nice sink that she wanted placed in their and while we are at it paint, floor, replace mirror, light fixture, tower bar and toilet paper holder, not to mention the vanity, sink and faucet (complete with new plumbing). Hoping Lowes is open today as I need new water lines and p-trap to complete, oh and 25lbs load hangers for new mirror.


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