Monday, December 04, 2006

Smoke On The Water...

It is cold today!!! A little trace snow on the ground and the smoking ponds all over the place. You know cold enough to almost freeze the ponds overnight!!!! Thank goodness I finally got the roof lights up last night!!!! I would have fallen on the old butt if I had gone up there today!! The house looks great. The blow up Santa was just unplugged, so that is good. And we got the inside decorated as well. Everything looks great. Had the ipod hooked to the stereo and blasted the Christmas tunes while we ran around the house like happy elves. It is Christmas!

The boy has a project due this week. He worked on it this weekend and did a fine job on it. We should have it done by tonight. I have to pick up a few things for it on the way to work. We also got his room cleaned. We emptied EVERY draw in his room. And I am happy to say not only does the room look good but there were no secret stashes, hidden homeworks or other teen aged things one hides from parents. He also got a political cartoon out of the way and was able to watch the Colts lose and practice in his garage pays to organize!

I worked out this morning!!!!! It was tough and the old muscles but I did it! What helped was that I saw a co-workouter at Sam's on Saturday and said hello and asked how everything was. He mentioned he hadn't been to the gym all November, I told him ditto. I then told him under no circumstances was I to miss Monday morning at the gym. This morning we arrived at the same time, I told him the only reason I was there on this cold morning was that I had told him the other day I was going to be here, so here I am. He laughed because he hit the snooze button and then got out of bed because he thought I would wonder were he was. We both had a good laugh and then got right to working out...thanks for the motivation!!!


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