Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

I am back!!! Worked out again, hit the PC and the blog and already ready to get to work!!! I love getting in the grove. Sometimes I enjoy the rut if it is going in the right direction...

Work Talk: We are having a problem at work with attitudes. Basically I work with younger kids who act like kids and now I am getting the shit for it. It has aggravated me for awhile and I have had several talks with them but now other people have complained and the boss sat me down yesterday and had a talk with me. Nothing big or that I was in trouble, just that this is what she heard is going on and that as the Director On Duty it was up to me to put a stop to it. So now I become Captain Hard Ass at work, oh well, the way I see it they brought it upon themselves...then they complain and wonder why some people get 3% raise and they get 1%.


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