Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We Call That A Streak...

Made it to the gym again this morning. Good for me. Made a good lunch and ate an excellent dinner last night. Things are progressing well, but hell I am sore!!!

Work was great yesterday. No issues, no assholes and no frustrations. Maybe it is because I counted to 10 several times but I want to be better in all things and work attitude is one of them.

The boy is doing very well, He passed two tests last week. Not just pasted but only one wrong on each one. See what happens when you study!!!

March is going to be very busy for us. I have 2 freelance gigs PLUS I need a weekend to travel to NY for my fantasy draft AND we are taking the first week of April off to go to NYC for a Yankee game. That leave one open weekend in March, St. Patrick's Day. Should be fun!!!

I think we need to get out more often, as in travel a bit. Not so much Paris and LA and Cancun but just overnighters and weekenders. See the area around us. I know I have said this in the past but the wife and I are seriously talking about it. So we shall see this summer...

This post seams more like a quick hits, I think I need bullets. I added a new little feature over on the right. Just the books I am currently reading and a nice library program I found on the web. Check it out.

I promise to bring more opinions and rants to the site. While I have the traffic, I do not have the comments and I think that I have nothing to comment about except nice job or congrats or good one. I got more comments when I put forth my opinion on things. This has become more of a diary then a 'blog' so I am hoping to have some intelligent posts on certain subjects in the near future....

Till Next Time.


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