Friday, April 13, 2007

Holy Smokes, Friday...

Quick week. I took it off from exercise as I was tired all week. I have been getting up earlier all week so that I will be able to hit it hard next week.

Busy weekend. Have to mow the lawn and according to our weather people I will also shovel the driveway. The boy has 2 baseball practices and 1 hike. He also has plans for a date on Saturday. He worked his butt off and finished his project ON TIME and very well. Is it an A+, I don't think so, but it is definiately B+ and up material!!

Is there anything better than Half Price Books? I dropped by really quick the other day and left with a Stonewall Jackson bio, The Boys of Summer and a trilogy omnibus from Britian that I have been wanting to get.

And for no other reason then I can, here are some more vacation pics.....

View from our seats

It was VERY cold (it snowed in the 7th)

Tradition, YMCA by Groundskeepers during 7th inning stretch

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