Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday Morning

I am beat down and ready for vacation!!!!! Oh, I just got back? Well Sh*t!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. We got to mass later than usual yesterday and got forced into the overflow mass. My parents and family were in the one church but the traffic was killer and we ended up in the gym which had a mass that started 15 minutes later so everyone could park and get in. It was actually a fantastic service with a children's choir, very nice.

The rest of the day was spent at the folks with the family and a good time. We chatted about our NY trip and met my sister's new beau, seems nice.

The boy finished his book for his English project. He had a choice of books and the wife and I had some suggestions. He narrowed it down to Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy or Lord of the Flies. We suggested Lord of the Flies, but I also liked Hitchhikers (and own them all) and the boy has been wanting to read them for some time. He picked Hitchhikers and half way through last week decided he wanted to change books. Now instead of being done with the book and having several of the 14 pages done (each page is a mini project, you have 30 to choose from and must do 13 plus a title page) he JUST finished the book and has to do several pages a day to get it in on Friday. Let us not mention he has baseball practice tonight, Scouts tomorrow, Band on Wednesday. He is up the creek............

I know I promised pics, and I will have them up soon.

Till Next time


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