Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday's With Bryan

Lazy bones, that's me. I tried to get to sleep early last night but I could fall asleep. Then the dog woke me up at 3:13am AGAIN. Same time, I took her out and then went back to sleep. I am wondering if something is going off and making her upset. I am not going to stay up until 3am so it is a working unprovable theory.

The boy is working hard on his project. He did a good job last night and even got his baseball practice in. He is doing well. I had a talk with the wife last weekend. She is tough on him, I think because her mother was VERY tough on her (anything less than an A was means for punishment and yes an A- is less than an A). So she is finding a happy medium and easing up and he seems to be reacting to it. He is in that moody I am 14 act now and I think the constant back and forth with his mother was taking the toll on the both of them. We shall see.

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