Monday, May 07, 2007

Working Them Angels...

Once again the weekend is gone in a blink! Had to work overtime, had a baseball game (we won), mowed the lawn, grilled ribs, all the while nursing my finger as it withers on my hand.

So to update and expand. Apparently what seemed to be a blood clot turns out to be a shredded ligament. Right under the knuckle of my right pinkie I recently got a small round black bump. Looked like a blocked vein. My doctor sent me to the ER very quickly. Turns out that the ligament that runs from joint to joint is shredding and that little black bump is the shredded part all balled up. Eventually my finger will curl like making a pinkie swear and stay like that. Right now it feels the most comfortable when bent over and if I keep it straight for a long time I get a numbness down the right side of my right hand. I have to see a hand surgeon to get it fixed, however I use my pinkie and all my fingers for work (as a button pusher says the wife) and May is not only sweeps but also the Indy 500 so I cannot afford any down time till June. We shall see how this goes.

When does a couple stop being two people and become one. MY wife and I have been with each other a long time (married 14 years, known her for 19 years). Sometimes we have the same thought at the same time. Something will come on the radio or TV and I would chuckle after a moment and then the wife will look at me and tell me exactly what I was chuckling about in my head. I will call her cell just to have my phone beep as I put it to my ear and see call waiting from her. Not so much finish each others thoughts but know them before they take voice. The other day we were lazy and just laid in bed for a while. The boy had a sleep over and was already moving about but we just lounged in bed and talked. It is weird to think of the time we have spent together. I am a little shy of 40 now but I still see myself as that 25 year old. I am off by 15 years, but I do not feel it (most of the time).


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