Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

Got a comment on yesterday's rant. Sure it is not right to yell like a maniac at your child and definitely not use profanity. However, at 13 this kid should be able to take a good tongue lashing. I heard nothing wrong in Mr. Baldwin's message. Sure some of it was aimed at the ex but this was obviously stewing for some time and finally it was said that this type of behaviour was unacceptable! No matter what was happening with the parents, he is still the father and should be listened to. After telling the boy 4 times to do something and each time it is not done you will hear a GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND FINISH THIS...NOW!!!! in my house. We have a deal in my house, no ranting and raving, we talk like adults about an issue. And adults do not sugar coat things, I lay it out for the boy and sometimes the truth is ugly but better he is prepared for life then have it slap him in the face one day unprepared....

Rush: The new album is out yesterday, Snakes and Arrows. The wife got it for me for my birthday. I am listening to it now and getting ready for the tour this summer. Great stuff!!!

Yankees: we are snake bit as they say. Our number 1 prospect pitching a no-hitter and then goes down for 46 weeks. We can not catch a break!

Heroes: Is there a better show on TV geared towards the teen aged family? It has everything for mom and dad and teen aged son! Story, acting, direction...absolutely awesome. If you are not watching you are missing the best show on network TV!!!


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