Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday's With Bryan

Welcome back to Tuesday's With Bryan, and welcome to May!!!

Thank You Mr. Baldwin: Finally someone stands up and shows us what REAL parenting is like. It is not all touchy feelie, let's talk and we'll do better next time champ. Sometimes it is yelling and screaming and tough love. While the sins of the parents should not fall on the children I believe that Mr. Baldwin's "outburst" was due in part to the messy divorce. The other part was that his daughter was a selfish little pig. Hate him or love him or loath him he is still the father and when he says jump she says how high. Children have too much freedom and way too much leeway (I too am guilty of this) and if more kids were sat down and told the raw truth maybe there would be less of everything that is wrong with American and more that is right. Maybe if told they are self-centered little brats they will wake up and join the community. Last week's My Name Is Earl touched on this in a humorous way. Earl went back to school to find the teachers he tormented as a child broken. The kids were so over the top now with the knowledge that teachers and parents have no power. Earl helped them take back control. At one point a car prank turns into a car bomb and the kids realize that their behaviour is no joke and suddenly children are paying attention in class and one even brings an apple to teacher (all for fear that the teachers are out to get them). While that is a bit extreme (and was quite funny) this is the wake up call today's youth needs. Life is no joke and sooner rather than later life will hit you like a ton of bricks. So bravo Mr. Baldwin for waking up America, you are a parent not a best friend or a maid or a chauffeur, it is your responsibility to instill in your child a compass that will help point them in the right direction in life. And if a nice blast of cold reality is needed then give it barefaced, not sugar coated but naked right there in their face.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Aunt Murry said...

Yelling at your kids is one thing but calling them names is another. He was obviously upset with his wife and took it out on his child. While I have seen others do this it still doesn't amek it right. But of course, I have no kids of my own and cannot speak from experience so I may be full of it!


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