Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, My Year In Review

Well another year in the books. Some quick hits on how it turned out for me and some resolutions for next year.

Ding Dong: The biggest event of the year was my bout with Bell's Palsy. Lucky for me it was short lived (several weeks) as I know of several cases of 8 months+ and one family friend who has had it for 32 years. My Grandmother just got it a few months ago and is still dealing with it. It woke me up to some stress issues and helped me clear some things out!!!

Travelling Band: Three big trips this 'year'. We did a nice weekender to Louisville and Cincinnati over the 4th of July weekend. Saw the boys first major league game, hit the Slugger Museum and spent a day at the horse races. Visited upstate New York and the family-in-law and then a few months later went back for a surprise visit. Then hit NYC for the first time in several years. Saw lots of family and went to Yankee Stadium. Put 2,500 miles on the car. I think that is enough travel for 2 years.

TGIF: Looking over the blog have had LOTS of work drama. From new sets and graphics recently to more responsibility on a daily basis. Got a nice raise out of it, now I need an extra vacation week (currently at 2)

Home Sweet Home: I am definitely a home body. I love my family and love my home. I would rather spend a day in the back yard then travel to a lake or park. I can play ball and grill just as well on my deck then at a state park. I would like to go to bigger cities (Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland) for a weekend or two but I really enjoy the home life.

Sweating To The Oldies: I was hit and miss on exercise this year. Something I need to rectify! I was on a good roll back there for awhile and need to get back on that horse!

New Passion: Picked up a new hobby (well reintroduced ourselves), baseball cards. It is something the boy and I can do together. We are also doing Autographs Thru The Mail. We have gotten a great response to sending cards to players and getting them to sign and return them. We have current stars Mike Mussina and Jim Thome and two guys who played with Jackie Robinson, Carl Erskine and Duke Snider. Pretty Cool.

And Wrap...all in all it was a great year for me. Any year still on this good earth is a good one. Now I have to make sure there are many more!!!



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