Tuesday, April 24, 2007


All is well in the back yard. I bought some fence building material yesterday and will be putting it up this week for the neighbors. They were very cool about it. The dog is fine and the tractor will live. I got a good story out of it. The wife has already told several of her clients (2 that I know) and the guys at work are already riding me (ha ha, riding, get it).

I blew some steam right at the top but now I laugh. Coulda won the 10K but nobody was around, oh well!!!!!!!


Watching Spin City this morning getting ready for work with the wife. I noticed MJ Fox was keeping that left hand always out of view. Upon further thought I remember him doing that in Family Ties too. The man was dealing with/hiding his MS and acting. WOW, he deserves much more credit then I gave him. I always liked him (not his politics) and was sad to see him disappear from TV and film. But know I see what he had to deal with for all those years, WOW!

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