Thursday, April 26, 2007

Contune Yesterday's Rant and Good Bye to Trash

I will start with this, Rosie O'Donnell is leaving The View...I supported her in her stand up career (yes I saw her), I supported her in her TV show. I was still with her when she came out of the closet and changed the focus of her original show. Now she is a bitter, mean, ugly hag, and I am happy she is finally off the television. I have never watched an episode of The View but several co-workers have it on while we work and I get to hear her often. She is ALL that is wrong with TV commentaries. Uninformed, unintelligent and unbearable. In Italian she would be a "faccia brutte". Good bye to bad trash...

I want to follow up yesterday's post with this. One man stood up to save the lives of others. This man survived the Holucost. THis man knew the meaning of sacrafice. This man stood up when called and faced sure death like a hero I am sure he would not want to be called. This man was from a different generation. A generation that is slowing disappearing from our great country. From the Greatest Generation to the Me Generation in 40 short years. No wonder Islamic Extremists and the rest of the world feel they can mess with us. We are losing our balls. Like the bully who points his finger at the little kid standing near his big brother. That bully knows that at some point big brother will be gone and then the little kid, who has depended on the big brother all his life will be on his own. Will he remember the lessons his big brother tried to teach him or will he fall like a house of cards...

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