Saturday, July 09, 2005


We just returned from Summer Camp, well just as in 7 hours ago but I took a shower and passed out on the bed and awoke to find the boy and wife gone (out to dinner and church). Many a thing occurred while in the woods, both to me and to the world, London got the Olympics then promptly received a big congrats from terrorists, a hurricane, unemployment DOWN, Stock Market bumpy, gas up .30 cents a gallon here and my dog missed me.

I have photos and stories but the long and short of it is, the boy and his Troop (101 scouts) had a blast, the adult leaders (about 50) taught over 430 merit badges and almost every scout advanced at least one rank! Bonding, maturity, lessons learned and just a grand old time was had by back to bed for 2 more days.....



At 9:01 PM, Blogger Brent said...

I was anxious to get my boys into scouting. Until...the camping. I love to camp, but not in the middle of nowhere, with ticks, mosquitos and other creatures of the night. Aching back, no sleep, etc. It is a chance for bonding, but we can bond in other ways. Yeah, I hate to say it, but we're done with scouting.


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