Monday, June 19, 2006


Hope you had a great Father's Day.  I did!!  We went camping this weekend (and canoeing) and had a blast.  We got there Saturday morning because we had a late Playoff game on Friday (we won 4-3, moving on...) and did not get home till 10:45pm.  Lights out are at 11pm so we got up early and made it to camp as they were leaving for the river.
The first leg was from the launch point to our camp.  Stopping for lunch and rest the afternoon leg included a portage (taking the boats out of the water and walking over land) to go around a dam and then to the take out point.  The rental place drove us back to camp.  Meals were good and the campfire has some great skits, the youngest patrol won Best Skit and got a dozen donuts for breakfast.
Saturday night we had a big storm, thunder lightening and wind that laid the tents DOWN.  I woke up with the top of my tent on my face and the tent poles bent...everyone survived!!!
Father's Day started wet but we packed up and did a service project for the camp (instead of paying for the site the boys do some service for the camp, once we mulched a trail at a State Park, here we picked rocks out of a large field that they are seeding).  Wet, tired and happy we headed home to dry land and showers.  A quick nap later my family came over and we had a nice home cooked meal by the wife and watched Toy Story with the nephew (He told me Happy Father's Day and made a "Happy Uncle's Day" card for me).  The boy got me the Rush DVD Replay x3 and the wife a new paper shredder (hint Clean Your Office).  We got my Dad a cordless drill set (Craftsman) with my brother and sister.  Ice cream, fruit and pound cake for dessert and the day was complete...a perfect end to a perfect weekend.
Hope yours went as well, or even better!!!!


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