Monday, June 19, 2006

Quick Movie Reviews

Now that Summer is upon us, we have no TV to watch (regularly) and will be watching a bit more movies (thank you Netflix):
King Kong: A fun movie, wished I saw it on the big screen for the special effects were awesome.  The cast and crew fantastic (Black was GREAT!!) but the story was a little long and they breezed over New York.  I could have done without the Ice Skating on the pond date scene and added more Kong in New York on the rampage.  All in all good fun, but could have been better.
X-Men 3:  Another good movie.  No spoilers but too many people "killed' off (either dead or no powers).  Not a lot of dialogue, but too much CGI action (that looked CGI, not like King Kong).  The characters were spot on (a big fan of X-Men since the late 70's) but a few things bothered me:
  • Wolverine is too tall, you CGI everything else, make him shorter!!!
  • Peter answered a question with "Yes" not "Da"
  • Juggernaut not mentioned as Xavier's Step-Brother
  • And at one point Juggernaut says to Kitty: "I am the Juggernaut, Bitch!!!"
The first three were nitpicky (just the geek in me) but the last one was uncalled for.  Even for the violence and story content X-Men has always been a PG Comic and should be a PG movie.  Some people do not like violence (bloodless) and I understand that, but there was no reason to drop the B-word in the movie and it brought me RIGHT OUT OF IT.  As soon as he said it I looked at the wife and said: "Why did he need to say that?"  And we were at the climatic end of the movie.  I take away a full star for that one line, sorry.
Also, stay to the very end of the credits for X-Men 4 teaser, do not miss it!!!


At 5:45 PM, Blogger Laine Morgan said...

I agree with your comments about X-Men, totally!


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