Friday, February 28, 2003

So much happening in the world today....

R.I.P. Mr Rogers. He was a big part of my life and happy he survived all those years on television without changing his show to the demand of network executives and 'consultants' so that my son was able to enjoy and learn from the same wonderful man. I grieve for the future generations that won't be able to experience him.

Funny, Funny stuff from Dave Barry's blog!!!!

Went through a scare yesterday. Had a terrible (yes worse than child birth although my wife disagrees) pain in my side that work me up at 3am. Thought it was sleeping in a bad position, then puked 3 times. On the way to work (at 4:30am) I was doulbed over and couldn't drive. I went to Emergency Room instead of work and checked in. After several hours of pain, tests and waiting I find out it's multiple gall stones and the Gall Bladder has to be removed!!!!!! Now I am on Vicadin awaiting my surgical consult on Tuesday and surgery later in the week (I hope). I was in the ER from 4:30am till 1:30pm. It was nothing but a great experience (considering the circumstances), the entire staff was polite and informative. They made sure I was confortable and gave me privacy. At one point the only confortable position for me was kneeling on the floor, a cleaning lady pass-by by (around 5:55am) and asked if I was OK and needed to see a nurse. I told her I was fine and thanked her for the concern, she said she thought I was praying but just wanted to make sure.

Now I am home and loopy on drugs, watched The Ring (and freaked out) and slept for 18 hours straight, Wo-Who!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I am tired of listening to these whinners!!! These 'protestors' equating Bush to Hitler, these 'SUV's are murder. Please 'frodo failed', get a life people. You have the right to your opinion and the right to express it. But you are going to sit outside the wrong building, break the wrong window or flip the wrong SUV and end up in a world of hurt. Protest peacefully but remember you are supporting a leader who murderer thousands of his own people with chemical weapons.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Been a long time......
Just got back from spending the week in Indianapolis. Enjoying some down time and visiting my family. I hit the bricks hard this week and had 3 great interviews!!! I got 2 job offers but the money wasn't right ($10 less an hour than I am making now). However the third interview looks promising and could come up with some money we can live on. We are keeping our fingers crossed casue we really want this.

Have to catch up on all my reading and see what going on in cyber-space while I was away.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Just chillin' today, updated my links (check them out) and joined NationStates, a fun on-line game that address your political views........


Monday, February 03, 2003

I was off all day!!!!! I wish I had a "do-over"!!! It was nothing specific, no one event, person, attitude, just a general feeling of blah. Thank God I am home now, hit the 'puter, ride the bike, enjoy the son and wife and maybe watch a little TV.

Still waiting for the call from PBS in Indianapolis. They e-mailed and said they were interested in talking to me and when was a good time to call. Well I told them and am still waiting, I know they will call me I just freak out on stuff I am really looking forward to .........I drive my wife nuts that way.......

1. PBS has an openning

2. I send my resume

3. I give a follow up call and say being out of state I can be there whenever they need me for an interview

4. They return the call and say they have passed all the info along and good luck

5. They then e-mail and say they are interested in speaking to me and when would be a good time to call

6. I e-mail them with my number and availability

Now with that interest I KNOW they are going to call and with my experience there is a good chance of me landing the job. But I always lack patience with these things (man you should hav eseen me when we bought our house!!!!!!) Yet things always have a way of working out!!

Have had time to digest this weekend's tragedy. It's weird how little things strike I am looking at all this debris; tiles, metal, tubes, then a charred helmet and finally a patch from a uniform. Now how the hell does a patch from a uniform make it, yet no piece larger than 5 feet is found?!?!?!?!?!?? I just hope that we will be back in space ASAP and remember those who gave their lives to better ours.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Columbia exploded on re-entry this morning.......I remember dealing with Challenger 16 years ago this week and this one isn't any easier. My heart goes out to the family and friends of these amazing men and women.