Thursday, March 30, 2006

Survivor Night

It is Thursday, what happened to the week?!?!?!

What a day yesterday, we had breaking news and computers down and me in a seat from Noon till 6:30 without a break. I know so of you who actually work for a living are saying Awww...waaa. But it was a pain in the ass. While I do enjoy those type of days it kills me when I get to take a breath! It was fun and gets the pulse up and going and in the end it is what I get paid for...someday EOM!!!!

Got up early today, no I did not work out I went to the boy's school to help him clean out his locker...what a mess. That boy is driving us crazy right now...can do so much yet is trying to skate by on some subjects and issues, organization is one of them!!!! He had 4 winter coats in his locker, when I walked passed the main office the women in there said, Holy Cow!!! I didn't think the lockers were that big!! I laughed and said they aren't!!!!

TV Watchlist:
  • My Name Is Earl
  • The Office
  • Supernatural
  • CSI
  • ER
  • Survivor
  • Ghost Hunters

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hump Day

They changed my garbage day and now the whole week is screwed up!!!! Can you believe how simple a thing as garbage day can mess up your internal clock? We get so into our weekly rut that one little snag and everything is jumbled? It's like when they move your favorite show to a different night. Usually you think, awesome I watched Survivor last night, here we are talking at work about it and then it's the weekend, but then they go and move it to Wednesday because of NCAA and after watching it and talking about it at work (and doing the Survivor interview because we are CBS) then you are eating lunch and the 2:00 Wednesday production comes in and you are like what the f*ck, it's Friday man we just did Survivor and oh sh*t it is Wednesday isn't it?!?!?!?!?!? Man I hate that!!!!

Now I am off to the library before work, drop off some CDs and pick up a book or two...

TV Watchlist:
  • Criminal Minds
  • Lost

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

STILL SICK. Slept late again, I cannot quit this cough and stuffy nose!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could curl in a ball and sleep for a week but then I wake at 3:00am and am up all night! I don't know what to do!!

Nothing going on yesterday...just keep the head down and do my work. I am just sick and tired and it shows.

TV Watchlist
  • The Unit
  • Scrubs
  • Amazing Race

Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Round Up

Still here but under the weather. Spent the weekend in a daze, but a busy daze at that. Spent Saturday cleaning the house and preparing for the boy's party. It started at 4pm went until 8ish and was a huge success!! There were 13 kids here (boys and girls) and they played Twister, Texas Holdem, Jenga, Operation, Mega-Uno (4 decks), some DVD games and Football outside (with the girls too!!) We had chips, drinks, pizza and a build your own Sundae at the end with Cookie Cake. They watched some TV as the parents came to pick them up and the boy had 3 of them (no girls) stay over and they went upstairs to the Video Game room (his new name for the Family Room) were they ate, played and talked till all hours of the night. All in all a great time had by all!!!!!

Sunday was a recoup day. The wife and I were still sick and hardly moving. Since we cleaned after the party there was nothing to do. We still want to paint the hallway and I am in the middle of a HUGE clean out of the office! I am doing very well and tossing out things that I would have kept last year, I am turning over a new leaf in my pack rat ways, hopefully!!!! We went to the Super Target to spend some of the boy's birthday money, he got new headset for the Ipod and a wallet (his Christmas one was eaten by the dog). Then off to the grocery store were we saved $80 with coupons!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Sunday night was a complete collapse. The boy was in bed by 8 and I did some Fantasy Baseball work then watched Heist and Family Guy then off to bed!

I was reading a baseball magazine the other day when the wife went "Oh, shit!!" I jumped and asked what was the matter and she said, "I just realized it is baseball season, so I will say goodbye to you till October, have a nice summer!" I laughed but in some ways it is true. I travel back to New York next week for the draft, the one time a year now that we all get together as friends and fanatics and enjoy a day 'with the boys'.

Here's hoping your weekend was less hectic and even lesser sick!!!!

Till Next Time

TV Watchlist
  • Prison Break
  • 24
  • Sopranos
  • The Dark Kingdom (SciFi)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hump Day

Now the wife is sick too, which means I am next!!!! The boy feels better and the wife has a fever of 103...I am staying as far away as possible from them. Since that is the case, nothing going on here. The drive was terrible yesterday morning but that is it, made it to work and did my shift and came home and they were already in bed, I watched Scrubs, Boondocks and Paddy Whacked: The story of the Irish Mob then off to bed for me...

TV Watchlist:
  • Criminal Minds
  • Lost
All I hope is that the boy is well be Saturday, his party and that I am not sick by then!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

We suspend the usual long post for this from work quickie......

Did not work out as the boy has 103 fever, snowing today so it took ONE HOUR to drive to the doctors office which is only a 5 minute drive. I had the car in park for 25 minutes at one point. The boy is sick and at home, I hauled ass to work late and now am paying for it...

I hate Indiana drivers in the snow, my dad had jury duty this morning and it took him 2.5 hours for a 25 minute drive.....

TV Watchlist:
  • The Unit
  • Scrubs
  • The Shield (Season Finale)
  • The Amazing Race

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Quickie

The day is here, I am the father of a teenager. Happy Birthday to the Boy, my son of whom while I am anger with over certain grades and projects, he is my pride and joy!!!!! Congrats to making it to 13!!!!

He is also sick and staying home today with his sick Mom...Happy Birthday.

We bit the bullet and bought him an electric guitar and now have to sign him up for lessons...why do we punish ourselves.......

TV Views:
  • Prison Break
  • 24
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • CSI: Miami
Last night was:
  • Simpsons
  • Sopranos
Enjoy the First Day of Spring, we are under a Winter Storm Warning....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday Madness

Woke early and went to the boy's band competing. They got GOLD!!!!! And the boy had his drum solo, flawless....nice job by all the kids. Some of them can really play!!!!

Hit the library and added the following music to my Ipod........
  • CCR Willy and The Poor Boys
  • John Fogerty Centerfield
  • Woodstock Three Days of Peace
  • Fleetwood Mac, The Very Best of
  • Def Leppard The Vault
  • Men At Work Cargo
  • Queen Greatest Hits
  • Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Led Zepplin Houses of the Holy
  • Men At Work Brazil
  • Jefferson Airplane The Worst of
  • Run-DMC Greatest Hits
  • The Vaughn Brothers Family Style
  • Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause
  • Foreigner Records
and Soundtracks to Simpsons, XFiles, That 70's Show, Baseball, Big Night and the Wedding Singer....

Weird Collection

Friday, March 17, 2006

Unfinished Business

A follow up to my earlier 2 in one day!!!  The boy will learn the hard lesson by way of a failure on the Poetry project he turned in late!!  He turned it in but still failed it, I emailed the teacher but have not heard back yet.  I just want to make sure he did the required work, not to argue about the grade.  That is the teacher's area, not mine...but making sure he does the work does fall in my jurisdiction.
Random ramblings:
  1. USA lost to Mexico and are out of the WBC.  I am sad to see that but happy my Yankees will be whole again at Spring Training....
  2. V for Vendetta is out this weekend and I want to go!!!!!  Natalie Portman is HOT!!  Loved her Digital Short on SNL, she did a great job!
  3. I want a motorcycle.
  4. Anyone here play Strat-O-Matic Baseball??
  5. 3 more days till I am a father of a teenager!!!!!
With Battlestar Galactica on hiatus, I will be trying out Dr. Who tonight on SciFi...check it out!!!
TV Watchlist:
  • Numb3rs
  • Las Vegas
  • Doctor Who

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Éireann go Brách!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Be happy, be healthy and be safe!!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Yep, lazy title day. The boy had his first break up yesterday. His 'girlfriend' "dumped" him, he say she said she has no time, which is fine by us. He took it well and we talked, I just think it was terrible the girl did it on his birthday week, bitch ;-)

The boss has been sick all week and yesterday I got pissed off because I get to work and there is shit on my desk waiting for me that another director put there, and she was sitting there reading a book. It was simple enough stuff that anyone could handle so I took half of it and did it and left her the other half and told her to take care of it. It was nothing major just the fact that she would pass off work to me when she was doing nothing...

Got to workout again today. Drove the boy to school so he can finish a project then hit the gym. Busted my ass on the Precor machine and did 35 minutes, 5000 steps (all time high) and kept my heart rate at an average of 140.....Awesome!!!! One more day then I can sleep in, yippee!!!!!

Also have to hit the store this weekend for the boy's gift. I am not sure what to get him yet. I am thinking maybe a speaker system for his new Ipod so he can have a stereo in his room....

TV Time:
  • My Name is Earl
  • The Office
  • er
Till Next Time

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hump Day

I am sitting here filling the Ipod with Soundtracks and such. X-Files, Simpsons, The 70's Show, Sopranos....

Nothing to write about today. I want to hit the bookstore to get a baseball book, so I will leave early this morning to get there before work.

The boy's grounding is going well. He is reading and 'playing by the rules'. We'll see how long this lasts. It is now 5 days until I am the father of a teenager...scary!!!

The Amazing Race was amazing last night. I was glad that they are tackling some people's fears this year (watching the Mom try to dive for what seemed like hours was great TV) but I was also happy that this was the meet Phil on the mat but only get a clue round that I love and the racers HATE, they looked so tired and pissed off when Phil handed them the clue...

So more TV Scheduled tonight:
  • Survivor
  • Black. White.

I have not watched the first episode of Black. White. yet but it caught my interest. Might save that one for summer on the old DVR. Survivor is on special tonight due to NCAA Basketball (which I do not follow but will allow me to catch up on other things since I will not be watching TV)...

Till Next Time

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday's With Bryan

The boy is grounded. He forged my name on a sheet for something he had to do at home. He did do the assignment but forgot to give the paper to us to sign so just put my name on it and handed it in. I was LIVID!!!! We'll see what happens today after I calm down.

Added 7 minutes to cardio today. Two days in a row, yippee!!

24 was on fire last night, and The Soprano's have returned in STYLE....way to catch up then leave you hanging!!!!!!!!

Tonight's must watch list:
  • Scrubs
  • The Unit
  • The Shield
  • Amazing Race
Quick one today, have to run to the bank.......and Scout meeting tonight with Uniform Inspection and a mock Eagle Board of Review....busy, busy....

Till Next Time.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Wrap

Tornado Watch here in Indy so I am off very soon, just in case the boss needs me so here is the quick poop:

After waiting all day yesterday we finally got our new washer and dryer around 5pm. The first load of laundry went in at 7:30 and we have clean clothes again. It is awesome. The washer and dryer and VERY efficient and will save us on water and electricity bills!!! They cleaned the clothes and DRIED them in one pass. It usually takes 3 hours to dry some jeans, this did it in 30 minutes, again awesome.

Worked out this morning, had a good run and lifted my usual. Back to the grind, Day 2 tomorrow. A pain in the butt but the end result is well worth it.

The boy had a good weekend. He had to redo a poetry project. The one in school was lost but he had back up files and printed them out and put it together this weekend, then he titled it Lost...The Found Again A Poetry Collection. Kid might have talent. Working on his party for big 13. He wants a casino night, we said no but would do a game night, he can play cards but we also have Monopoly, Life, Risk, Othello, and 100 other board games to choose from...might also be a boy/girl party.....more later.

Decided to give a TV Log a try, so tonight the following will be taped or watched:
  • Sopranos
  • 24
  • CSI: Miami
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine

Opps just heard thunder, time for quick shower then out.......and power down the PC......

Till Next Time

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Bought a new washer and dryer last night and they said delivery from 8:30am till Noon. Well here it is 2:35 and still no washer or dryer. I called them at Noon and found out that they set it up for tomorrow not today, which was unacceptable. So they are putting it on a truck and making an afternoon delivery. The thing that ticks me off is that I have now wasted an entire Sunday morning, instead of going to church and grocery shopping. I am still here (no shower for fear of missing call) waiting........ARRGGG!!!!!

Nice Saturday spent at the library, driving around town and just hangin out. The boy had Merit Badge University and ended up with 2 merit badges, Radio and Cinematagraphy. Not bad.

That's it for now. The countdown has begun, 8 more days till I am the father of a teenager......

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hump Day

Amazing Race is pretty good this season, I was upset at the 10pm start time (it is a family show after all) but after seeing how the Bum Team always talks about getting laid I can see why CBS scheduled it this way!

USA beat Mexico and The Dominican Republic was all over Venezuela in yesterdays WBC action.

The boy had his concert last night and was FANTASTIC!!! He had a snare drum part that was awesome and the teacher gave him a solo at the end of the song. He does very well and it was nice to see him up there with a big smile on his face. He is at that stage now where the world is on his shoulders and he is feeling the phantom weight. School, girls, parents, hormones, Scouts, Church, family all weigh on the boy who will be was nice to see him having real fun!!!! In 12 days I will be the father of a teenager, I think that is more upsetting then what he will be facing in the next few years.......

Off to do the bills and pay some charity requests before they pile up. Yippee on taxes, we get $400 back, at least we do not have to pay!!!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kirby Puckett

This is why I loved baseball!!!!

Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett

Two for Tuesday

In an attempt to have you come back after the lack of a real post (see previous entry) I post this picture of the boy from a few years ago when he played Travel Baseball. The kid has major glove behind the plate, slow on the paths and when he connects he can launch the ball, when he connects.....

Tuesday's With Bryan

Kirby Puckett died yesterday. One of my co-workers asked me WHY baseball (he's into football and college sports) and I found it hard to explain but I think today when I go in I can sum it all up in two words, Kirby Puckett. He was not on my favorite team, but watching him play ball made you fall in love with the sport. I know he recent past will be brought up but I like to remember him for what the did on and off the field during his playing years. No one was better as an athlete or a person!

Nothing going on much this week. Another busy week for us but nothing special, all par for the course. We have a Band Concert tonight and just found out that the same weekend as a campout the boy has an out of town competition that he has to attend. We will be joining the Troop late.

As for health, my back is killing me for the past few weeks. I do not know what is wrong and I have been to the doc's every week and will be going again this Friday...I'll let you know what happens.

Sorry, not much of a Tuesday but there it is.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cool Video

Weekend Wrap Up

Busy few days. Ran around on Saturday, the boy had DI (Destination Imagination) a very big competition that they been working for the past 5 months on. They pick a category and try to solve the task in an inventive way. The boy and his group picked "How tHAT happen". They had to come up with a story that involves a strange place and an unusual hat. They have a budget, must use certain elements they make, have no help from parents and present the skit with set up in a certain amount of time. Ours went well but we did not move to the State's, but the kids had fun and that is all that matters. But we got there at 7:15am and the awards ceremony was at 5pm....

In between we ran out for 2 hours to attend an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The boy read the 1st Class portion of The Trail To Eagle and I read 100 Scouts, in which we learn that only 1 of 100 Scouts ever reach Eagle. Some other interesting tid bits were that 85% of FBI agents were Boy Scouts and 26 of the original 29 US Astronauts were all Boy Scouts....

Sunday was church, lunch and Baseball tryouts...we also caught up on the Amazing Race (fantastic) and shopped for a new washer and dryer. We found a set but now need to find the money for them.....

No workout today, slept in as the wife insisted on watching the Oscar's in bed until 1am (we taped them) and my clock went off at 6:40am. I woke the boy up and fell back asleep....bad bryan....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lent, Baseball and the Internet

It is Lent for us Catholics and time to give something up for 40 days. I should have been thinking on this for some time now but it kind of snuck up on me. I am not sure I am 'giving up' something but I will take this time to try and be a better person. Attend Mass EVERY Sunday, cut down on the swear words, stop junk food and push myself more in my workouts. So far so good: no junk food today, added 6 minutes to my cardio session and I have yet to say *&@# or @)$(* and certainly not @$$(&@*!!!!! Pray for me.

The World Baseball Classic is ready to go. I have mixed feelings about this one. I think I will enjoy the competition but I am fearing the fact that this is right before the regular season and these guys will be going all out to play and win whereas in spring training games they are just warming up. No one makes that diving catch or pitches through the pain to get the win in March. I will be watching and I will be cheering but I think they should have scheduled this better, like maybe after the World Series, and highlight the baseball programs south of the border. South America has an incredible baseball program as do the Caribbean nations. Lets go South for the winter and hold this thing after the post season (like the Pro Bowl in the NFL). Just my 2 cents. I thing if one major star gets injured you are going to have a lot of pissed off owners and fans. By the way Venezuela all the way!!!!

The Internet is a wonderful tool. That's all, I just liked the way the title worked and I could not find a suitable replacement for Internet....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

True Story

I was a heavy drinker in college. Too heavy, but anyway here is a tale of one 'night':

We left the dorms Friday night to party as was our usual start to the weekend. We hit the bars and drink till we can drink no more. At some point in the evening I get separated (or separate) from my friends and adventure on my own (as I was know to do). The next thing I know I wake up in the morning in the middle of a big room sleeping on a coffee table with about 20 other people in the room (it turns out to be the Rugby House, the guy across the hall from me was a player). I get up to leave and walk back to campus and my dorm and see I am just in time for brunch. I see my quad mates leaving for the dining hall and I catch up with them and tell them thanks for dumping me last night, what was that all about. They all look at me and my roommate laughs and asks me what day it is, Saturday I respond. That gets another laugh, no he tells me, it is Sunday morning and I have not been home since Friday night!!!

It has been 18 years since that weekend and I still have no recollection about where I was or what I did!!!! The drinking continued for some time but ended shortly after starting to date me now wife, but that good reader is another story....