Thursday, December 26, 2002

Merry Christmas, hope Santa was good to one and all.

Here in Rochester we got 15 inches of the white stuff!! I had to work the 5am to 2pm but got out at 12:30 and we opened gifts. Santa was VERY good to our son, I got my wife a day at the spa and assorted goodies and I got The Lord of the Rings Deluxe Edition and a surround sound system she got a great deal on. My Grandmother made it in from NYC (barely) and had a nice dinner. We all fell asleep before was a great day filled with family and fun. My parents are on the way from Indianapolis and should be here by 7pm tonight. Every year they stay through New Year's Eve, we are hoping next year to be elsewhere (job wise) and able to take the Christmas week and travel to family and not have to work (like we have the past 9 Christmases).

Snuggle your Sweetie and enjoy the snow (if you gotts it). I got a stereo system to install and a movie to watch!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

I am still here!!!!! Been very busy! Spent the past 2 weeks gettgin ready for the the tree (not decorated), put the lights out, continued shopping. The everything halted as we went to New Orleans for my brothers wedding. Left Friday morning 3:30 AM and went ot bed at 3:00 AM Saturday morning. Got back to New York on Monday night (8pm), back to work, continue Christmas shopping then get to Friday and come out to visit the In-Laws for Christmas, seeing as I work straight through Christmas and New Years this was it and they live about 4hours away. So here we are near Lake George, NY opening gifts and spreading good cheer....I still need to finish shopping, we need to decorate our tree and interior, then get ready for the week long visit (Christmas Day to New Years Day) of my family. I think we have been going non-stop since December 5th......and no rest till January 6th man I could use a day off. I will try to 'blog' a bit more and post some pics of New Orleans (and tell a story or two)!!! Happy Holiday Season to ALL (ps we are still working on our Christmas cards! ha)

Friday, December 06, 2002

Ah, politics, or in this case, corporate b***s***. My wife's boss got a bump upstairs, and my wife got a bump 'down the hall'....and she worked her butt off since April to show them she could do the job.....more responsibility, more travel, more policy making, more money (15% raise). And she did it!!!!! She did the job better than guys on it for years (5 years to be exact), she got the notice of the Section VP in Dallas and got a nice performance bonus after 4 months on the job. However, her bumped boss fell out of favor and was pushed into limbo for the past 3 months and his promotion was given to someone else. Now my wifes new boss loves her and the job she does but toady he told her that effective December 30th she will be returning to her old position because her old boss is being bumped back down and nobody is wife, her old boss for having to go back to his old post and my wife's temporary new boss for losing my wife because the old guy couldn't hack it......

Now my wife has to go back to a job she has outgrown, and work for a guy that is stuck at his post and isn't half the worker my wife is (according to the big bosses). But politics and bs run corporate america, so now we are crossing our fingers that my Washington DC job or Indiana job work out.....she can get a transfer to either region in a heartbeat.............

Exercise Update: 35 minutes!!!!!!

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Vending Machines or The Spawn of Satan

These are the bane of my existence! I sit in a chair 10 feet from one. I must pass it to use the restroom, microwave, fridge or just to look outside.

Looking through the glass like a child gazing into a Toy Shoppe window before Christmas, the small florencent light whispering to me (mmm,mmm). The clink of my offering, the whir of it's acceptance and the solid thunk of my small miracle being received.

My goal is to get that monkey off my back! So far, so good. I hit it the other day for a Snickers bar but that was it for the week.

Yesterday was a bear, I got home at 1:30 and was asleep by 2pm and didn't wake up until 6:30. What a nap!! Then I couldn't get to sleep to be up by 4am. That's OK cause Amazing Race was 2 hours and I was actually able to stay up.

Gonna go for 40 minutes on the bike today.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Computer crash destroyed yesterday's post, but the AvantBlog test passed...just some rambling about winter driving and the Hamburgler........did do an Exercise Update: 35 minutes!! More later today!

Later That Morning: Check out the Guest Map and I joined the Amazon Associates program, so you can see what I am reading and purchase it by clicking the link.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Avant├člog test

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Welcome to a new month and the last one of 2002!!!!! Very busy this month, my brother is getting married in New Orleans on the 16th, I have 5 birthdays to worry about and of course Christmas (which I have to work, AGAIN, this year).
Using AvantBlog I may be able to publish everyday this month, or at least try.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend! I worked Thursday and Friday but had the weekend for us. We had the big turkey and leftovers for a few days, went shopping on Black Friday, went and saw Treasure Planet. Fantastic movie for everyone, the boy laughed and the wife and I enjoyed it very much! I am sure they will, in Disney fashion, have a sequel (The Jungle Book 2 is headed to theaters). Then we just puttered around the house for the rest of the weekend. DId a little online shopping (yippee) and put up some Christmas lights. Now its time to play HeroClix with the boy! cya

Exercise Update:30minutes