Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans

What has happened there is terrible. We went there for my brothers wedding, held in the French Quarter, and had a blast. Past meets present, a party town with art and history on every corner. It is so heartbreaking to see.

However this post is not to recap the storm, or call those who refused to leave idiots (which they are) but to discuss looting, more specifically my solution. It is called, Shoot To Kill.

They are in a State of Emergency, at some points there are several feet of water still in the streets. And people are still running into the local Walmart for TVs, DVDs, sneakers and stereos. I can understand people running in to grab water, diapers, canned foodstuff. Officials should organize pack lines and empty stores of those things and distribute; clothes, meds, blankets, fishing poles, etc. When I see people walking out with jewelry, TVs, dresses, video games I go blind with rage. These people should be stopped.

My solution:
1. Empty stores of needed supplies an distribute
2. Stop anyone taking unnecessary items and TAG them. Take orange spray paint and cover their head and back with it.
3. Next time an orange person is stopped looting, take them out front and shoot them.
4. Leave body as reminder.

Today the Governor of Louisiana has asked for a Day of Prayer. I will say a prayer for the people of the Gulf Coast and the suffering they have and will suffer for a long time. I will also pray that these looters will come to their senses and stop what they are doing, one Police Officer is already shot and in serious condition. When it comes down to us or them, the us (police) usually come out on top and what we do not need right now in this time of need is a time of greed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Day Two

We are still alive and have food and clean clothes. The house has not burned down and noone has lost a finger or toes. So far so good without the wife. Miss her dearly, sleeping badly (Sleep next to someone for almost 15 years and you freak when they are not there.)

Got splashed today. Getting tons of rain from that little storm that hit the Gulf Coast all day. Had to hike next door to the Scout Store to pick up some items and on the way back to my building I see someone (a co-worker) leave our lot and hydroplane down the road right at me. They were in total control the whole time and passed my doing 30mph which sent a torrent of water (we have a river in place of a road whenever it rains) at me which soaked me from head to toe! I actually was DRIPPING water from my hair. I was so pissed I turned and shouted but they were long gone. I know they work with me but I did not see the faces...heads will roll!!!!

That's it for now, have to get the boy to bed and eat dinner myself and enjoy one of my new NetFlix movies that arrived today, Raging Bull or Lonesome Dove Part 1.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Day One

Didn't sleep well alone last night, went to bed too late and then did not workout this morning (BAD!!). Did catch up on TV (Ghost Hunters) and mended a tear in my pants, yes with actual sewing skills. I am going to try to get off the computer and straighten up but leaving for work. I want to hit the library this morning as I finished my current book (Harry Potter 6) and the next two I have lined up are beginnings of long quick run to library to see if anything jumps out.

Last night we joined NetFlix, I have already filled the queue with about 20 movies and TV series. I am sure I can display on the web or something and when I find out how I will get it here. I'll let you know how it works.

Now off the PC and into the shower and out the door......have a good week

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Alone At Last

The wife left on the jet plane and arrived safely in Cleveland where she will spend 5 days working her ass off (seminars go from 8am to 8:30 pm everyday). I am sitting here catching up on my favorite blogs and doing some surfing. I have the old Itunes in the background on Party Mix, no I do not have an Ipod (yet) but I am loading my music onto the PC and the boys has his Mini and Itunes seems to work pretty well.

Yesterday I got to teach Scout Spirit to the new leadership of our Troop, if was a fun way to spend 45 minutes on how to prep for a campfire and sing a song with the boys. They had a good time and have high hopes for the next 6 months (their term). I do to!

Katrina is heading like a freight train to New Orleans and some of these idiots are sitting tight no matter what. At some point these county/state governments should just write them off and say you are on your own, don't come crying to us when the shit hits the fan, you've been warned. Darwin at its best.

My one chore this week is to clean my office and desk, could be more that one man can handle....will let you know.

Till then...

Friday, August 26, 2005


I get home last night to see a Scott's Lawn and Garden tag on my front lawn that says they have sprayed, fertilized and treated. Unfortunately I do not use Scott's, as a matter of fact I use another service that is trying to save my yard and they came last week. Someone got the wrong address and treated my yard, which is now a nice shade of They Burnt It Brown with lots of new bare I have something to be pissed about...........

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mellow Yellow

So I have nothing to rant about this week. I fell like when I was taking zoloft, nothing seems to be bothering me which makes for a tame blog...sorry.

The past few days at work were spent trying to create this new effect they want at the top of the show. I busted ass for a few days and worked my magic and built exactly what they wanted, and when they saw it they said, uhm let's stick with the old way. Which was fine with me. It's all creative, they asked me to give it a shot, I gave them what they wanted and they didn't like the overall look of it. No skin off my back...maybe I should be worried something is on the horizon.

On the other hand we have our Junior Leader Training trip this weekend with the Troop and I am teaching one of the courses, then next week I am training the new Troop Scribe and Troop Historian. Should be fun and a little work. I am glad to be on the Troop Committee, gives me something to devote some time and energy to. Something I have missing since I no longer am involved in the union.

On a last note, I am a little peeved that a PC game will not work. I have Age of Sail II and it seems to be stuck on the load screen. I did email support so I hope the respond ASAP, just want to do a little Pirate Ship battles and score a little booty....aarrgh!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


As you know I am a big fan of history.  Coming this weekend is the new series on HBO called Rome.  I am very excited about this one and hope they go beyond the Movie of the Week/Network MiniSeries feel of Empire last month.  I have several sites I visit monthly that deal with Rome and of course several authors and PC games that I love to read and play.  When I get home I will post some of those links  for you to enjoy.  In the meantime, check out Rome this Sunday night on HBO, I have high hopes.

One of the things we were talking about at work is the fact that I do watch a lot of non-network TV.  I am tired of the reality trend and the canned laughter of bad sitcoms or cut and paste dramas.  These past few seasons the wife and I have made an effort to watch well written, well produced programing.  It started with the Sopranos but has since made a move to Cable networks and regular networks.  This new season looks promising and I look forward to a few shows doing very well (more to come as the season draws near).
But if you are in need of some good TV this summer I recommend the following:
Rescue Me, Battlestar Galactica, Over There, Weeds, Starved, and The Comeback.  Sure mostly FX, but I also like The Inside on network but it was already cancelled.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Personals: Single Married Male Needs Help

The wife leaves on Sunday for a week long business trip to another state, leaving the boy and myself on our own. I think we can handle it. We both wake at 7am and are out the door, he stays at Grandma's till 6:30 when we pick him up, Drive Thru for supper, check homework, TV then bed...this could work.

Hopefully all the clothes will be clean and the ridge stocked up with milk and bread and I think we can make it. Lunches pre-made, permission forms filled out and after school car pools and club night and frozen dinners left with directions. Also no math homework (her strength not
mine), no unforeseen supply trips, clothes ripping, forgotten books or homework, and no staying up till midnight....and let us not forgot the dog.

I am so screwed!

You Should Slow Down.

So I am on my way to work and on the phone with some friends as they travel to Chicago when I say:
Me: Hold on a second, I have to call you back
Him: What's Up
Me: Oh this cop wants me to pull over.
Him: Laughter, Late.
So I get my first Indiana speeding ticket, 57 in a 35 (which is a 4 lane road and should be 55).  But none the less I was speeding and he tagged me and I gave him license, registration and insurance and took the hit.  I will say the police officer was all business and I do not even think he considered a warning...oh well.  Live and learn and speed and pay......

Monday, August 22, 2005

Roll The Bones

What a weekend, was all over the place. Started Friday with me working at 4am and getting home early (12:30) and able to get all sorts of stuff done, pay bills, change oil, clean house. I got to stop by my favorite book store (Half-Price Books) and found 5 books I have been looking for for the past year or so and all books were not only half price (hence the name) but half off that!!!!! 6 books, $8. Settled in the night with the comedy Hitch.

Awoke Saturday to some PC time, (Dungeon Siege) then out to mow the lawn. After that the wife was home from work and we went to the Indiana State Fair. Great time had with great food and awesome displays. We are not into the animal thing anymore (too much at the New York State Fair for years) so we hit the 'home economics' stuff, baking, sewing, quiltwork, leatherwork, art and photographs. I enjoy the later, it really puts me in mind to get a really nice digital set with lens and everything and submit some stuff next year. We'll see. As for food it was awesome, Ribeye sandwich, pulled pork, baked potatoes, fried Wisconsin cheese, honey lemonade, cream puffs, Deed Fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, walking tacos, ribbon chips...etc...all in all a great day with good times and good food.

Sunday was another day, this time a little thing called Home-A-Rama. It is basically homes you can not afford, set up with furniture worth more than your house and Video equipment that is more than my car and you look around. There were 6 houses, the cheap one was about 800,000.00 and a 2 bedroom. It went up from there, one was multi-million and I loved it, uh I'll take 2 thanks.

We ended the weekend with a birthday cookout for my mother and the family and sister and nephew were all there for simple burgers and hot dogs and company. We had cake and sun tea and a little shrimp cocktail. As the sun set I thought to myself this was the perfect summer weekend, food, folks, fair and fun....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

School Days II

First day down and tons to go. The boy seemed happy today, saw his classmates and found he had friends in every class. He likes the layout and I think enjoys 'real school' with class changes and real lockers and such. We have high hopes this year and are already on his back about homework and schoolwork and Scouts and baseball and friends, no repeat of last year!! He understands that, I think, and will do fine...

This year we have instant computer access to all his grades, homeworks and assignments on the internet. God I love this thing!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School Days

Today is the first day of school for the boy, grade 7. We are hoping for a better year than last and we think he is up for the task. Lots of stuff going on with him this year, we start Fall Baseball this week and he was elected Patrol Leader last week. In our Troop you are Patrol Leader for 6 months but this group plans out the whole year, camp outs, special trips, activities, summer camp...should be a great experience for him.

One of his favorite things this summer was the Leaders In Training Camp at the YMCA, they learned how to be Leaders for the YMCA Summer Camps and if nominated (which he was) by the staff you can apply as a CIT next year. He was the youngest chosen for next year and is very excited about it. Between Catcher in baseball, Patrol Leader in Scouts and now future CIT he is well on his way to being that leader I was in my youth...Builds character and maturity and gives early grays!!!!

So to all you moms and dads with children of age: SCHOOLS IN FOR WINTER!!!!!! SCHOOLS NOW ALL OPEN, SCHOOLS IN FOREVER!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Freedom of Speech

So I have been watching the plight of this woman in Texas stationed outside the President's ranch. My feelings on the matter have stayed the same but my feelings for Sheehan have not. As for her protest I applaud it and support it but do not believe in the issue. I am glad to live in a country were an individual can stand up and speak and be heard, even if I oppose the message. As for Sheehan she as gone through 3 stages to me; 1) the grieving mother whose son was lost in the War In Iraq who I understood needed to make her voice be heard. Then 2) a woman whose agenda started to peak from behind the curtain, whose grief parted and made room for motive and made me feel like the grief was a beard. And finally 3) left wing rhetoric and rally point. She is now chanting with the best of them and towing the party line. I've seen the spots of here saying "Why did you lie Mr. President?", what crap!!! Her family has issued a statement distancing themselves from her and saying they are morning out of the spotlight, her husband has filled for divorce and Bush is getting ready to return to DC. The President has met with many families of our dead soldiers and am sure grieves everyone of our brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Sheehan should honor the memory of her son and not soil it with this garbage campaign, if she does not believe in the war then protest but do not dishonor him!

Do I agree with what Sheehan is doing, no; but I would defend her right to do so everytime.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Sites I Found

While playing with Stumble! (A Firefox extension) and visiting my regular blogs I found some really cool sites this past week. Here are a few of my favorite and now almost regular visits:

Spaceflight Now

Modern Ruins Photographic Essays


Enjoy on your trip around cyber-space

Friday's Feast

Did you sleep good last night?
Yes, I awoke yesterday at 3:15am and went to bed after midnight, I do not remember falling asleep, moving around or waking last night until I opened my eye at 8:30 this morning. For me that is good sleep!

What is your current computer desktop image?
Here at home I have a satellite picture of the Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. At work I have a montage of all the Rush album covers, but not just the covers but pieces of them interacting with other covers, pretty cool.

When was the last time you planted something, what was it and where did it go?
We just planted a little cacti from my parents trip to Arizona, it is sitting on the kitchen windowsill.

Main Course
What's your favorite condiment?
I would have to say ketchup. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, tator tots all get a good helping. Relish is for hot dogs only, as is mustard (except on McDonald's burgers). Mayo is a sometimes food and tabasco is wako except on mexican.

Share a quote that you like, for whatever reason.
"Nuts" -
General Anthony McAuliff to the German Commander when ordered to surrender at the Battle of Bastone.

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Pain The Pain

So I have had an itch for the past few days that started on my right hand and went to my leg, ankle, arm, elbow, chest, neck, ear, nose, etc.  On my hand are blisters, rash on leg, arm and bumps on neck and red dots on chest.  It was itching so bad (and swelling) that I finally went to the docs the other day.  They did not know what it was, he is pointing at specific parts and saying "That looks like poison oak, that an allergic reaction, that a skin virus"...end result is that I am on 10 pills, steroids for poison oak, anti-viral for virus and Allegra for allergies.  Second day and I am almost itch free but these are series drugs and I have to 'come down' off them over the next 2 weeks...wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Horror

So we have Dish Network and the 100 hour DVR (Digital Video Recorder for the ungeek) which basically replaces the VCR.  The beauty of this is that I can record everything and anything that catches my fancy (History Channel, Food Network, SciFi) and can either watch at my leisure or erase after a few moments of boring viewership.  Anyway this summer we have stocked up on rainy day shows and a few series we missed the first time and are now recording weekly to watch in a little marathon before the fall season starts.  So we are at about 75 hours of TV to watch and we knock out Family Plots (A&E) and check out what to watch next.  The first thing I see is that we have 29 hours left on the DVR then something flashes and we have 30 hours left, Flash, 37 hours left, flash 42 hours left, flash, flash, flash, 100 hours empty on the DVR.  I jump put of the seat around 56 hours and try to unplug the DVR but I am too late.  Everything we have recorded this summer is gone to the digital great beyond, Firefly, Secret Life of..., Ghost Hunters, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica, etc...gone in a flash.  Now I know that it is a good thing they are gone, too much TV is never good, but damn I wanted to see some of those shows.......

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Home Again

Ship and crew home safe. Do not wait too long to go up again!! Woke up early to see the landing with the wife and boy, glad we did. Exhale and get back up there!!! I would like to be back on the moon in a few years!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Jumbled Thoughts

Wife back at work and me back to getting up early. The in-laws visited last week. The visit went well and we'll see them again in a year when they drive through again on their way back to Florida. They seem to be mellowing in their semi-retirement and that is good for them. Running a restaurant it not easy work, running a very successfully one is even harder.

Last week was also football tryouts for the boy. He worked his ass off but did not make it this year. This is the first year of cut sports (junior High) and last year they had a school team with 80 kids on it and only budget for 3 coaches. Not a good mix so this year they went down to 45 kids and almost 100 showed up for try outs...I told him going in do not cut yourself, give 100% and if you do not make it that just means someone else was better than you and that is nothing to be ashamed about. He was devastated when he got cut and took it very personal. I took him aside and told him that this was not a knock against him. He is an incredible catcher and all his coaches want him behind the plate in tough games so he is a go athlete, so I told him if he was picking a team that needed quick baserunners who would he pick the great hitter who runs to 1st in 10 seconds or the good hitter who runs to 1st in 9 seconds. He said 9 seconds and I asked if the 10 second runner was a bad baseball player he said no but the other guy can run a little faster....I said exactly. He got over it.

Saturday night was also Minor League Night as we had tickets to the suite for the local AAA team. The wife's bank owns a suite their and let her give away tickets at the grand opening of her branch. Well she had 2 left and me and the boy went while she shopped nearby. Thing was we get there and noone is in the suite. It is loaded with food and drink and noon e showed up. So I called my folks (also at the game) and had them come up and then the wife called and asked how we were and I told her to come here after shopping and get something to eat. So me, the boy, the grandparents, the nephew and the wife all enjoyed 2 extra inning games with free food and drink and great seats to some awesome baseball. Sunday the boy woke up still smiling and has since forgotten the whole football thing.

Some random thoughts from last week and this weekend:
Peter Jennings
Sad to see him go so young, but cigarettes do not cause cancer...Has anyone ever wondered why 2 out of the 3 main network anchors these past 25 years have been Canadians? Jennings to me was the also ran. Tom was the man on NBC and Rather was always doing something on CBS but Peter was Peter on ABC. TO tell you the truth I did not even know he had cancer until I saw he died today. Since I work in news I never watch the nightlies and now with the internet there is really for me no reason to watch national news anymore. I knew Tom and Dan left but I did not even know Peter has stopped anchoring. Either way thoughts and prayers to the family for a way too early loss.
Space Shuttle Delay
Pull the trigger...too much pussyfooting around. Be men dammit!!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005


Time is a wasting.  The wife has been on vacation and the boy sleeping in so I am getting up and out later and later to work out then come home, shower and leave for work.  With the wife home I have little to no computer time as we are having breakfast and doing a quick clean of the house.  That being said I have slighted some of my regular reads and have not posted here as often as I would.  Now posting from the lunch break computer at work.
Time is moving.  We have been here almost 2 years now!  For us time is moving quick.  It seems like we just got here, I just left me friends in New York and I just started this job.  Why is it that time moves so fast?  There is a song, Dog Years, that goes...

In a dog's life
A year is really more like seven
And all too soon a canine
Will be chasing cars in doggie heaven

It seems to me
As we make our own few circles 'round the sun
We get it backwards
And our seven years go by like one

How true is that!  I heard someone say once that when young time always moved slowly because of fractions.  At 8 and year is a whole 1/8th of your life but now as a year goes by it was only 1/35th of it. Just thinking out loud.
Have a great weekend, the Allstate 400 is here and I will be busy at the track!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Play Ball

If there is a funnier baseball movie than Major League I have yet to see it.  Could be in the Top 10 Funniest of All Time!!!  Classic!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Murder Rage

A man was arrested over the weekend for shooting and killing a teenager and wounding another. It all started when these boys and their friends were out at night throwing eggs at passing cars. One lady stopped and called 911, on the tape you can hear her talking to another man who sounds very pissed and the 911 operator telling them both to stay were they are that police are on the way. The lady then tells 911 that the man has left looking for the kids. Next we know there is another 911 call that 2 teens had been shot. One dies, a gifted athlete, the other is wounded badly in the legs and will face months if not years of therapy. The man was caught a few days later,egg still on his truck.

While I do feel very bad about the senseless death and hope this guy gets the book thrown at him, I hope this serves as a lesson to other teens who hang out on the corner. Hanging with your buddies is a time honored tradition that I did and my father and my father's father but in this day and age beware!!! That 'harmless' prank of egging a car or ring and run might be the last straw in that person's day and tomorrow's headlines will be all about you!

Be smart, stay out of trouble and don't go looking for any either!

Monday, August 01, 2005


Spent the weekend with the In-laws and drove the car of my dreams (BMW 735LI), the thing does everything but drive itself and all in style. Today I called my wife on the way to work and told her what a piece of crap my car is now that I have been spoiled.....

Did mondo yard work in tank-top this weekend. Mowed, wacked, trimmed, pulled, the whole 9 yards, 2-3 hours out there and now in so much pain it is not funny. Forgot the sunscreen and now I am lobster red on the shoulders and upper sleep last night as every time I moved I woke up in pain...stupid, stupid, stupid.

Just a quick hello...more posts to come, but little PC time this week as the wife is on vacation and will have tons of stuff to fill me free time with...good old honey do lists...