Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tag I'm It...

(It's Harder than you think)

Where is your cellphone? charger
Describe your significant other? everything
Your hair? graying
Your mother? heart
Your father? guide
What is your favorite gadget? ipod
What did you dream last night? work
What do you prefer to drink? limonaide
Dream car? Corvette (1969)
What room are you currently in? Office
Your ex (if you have one)? hurtful
Your biggest fear? death
What do you want to be in 10 years? skinny
Who did you spend last night with? wife
What are you not? subtle
The last thing you did? slept
What are you wearing? shorts
Favorite book? cook
The last thing you ate? chicken
Your life? great
Your mood? tired
Your best friends? lost
What are you thinking about right now? time
Your car? muscle
What are you doing right now? typing
Your summer? full
Marital status? perfect
What is on your TV right now? Off
When did you last laugh? yesterday
When did you last cry? Olympics
School? someday

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

So the boy got to perform at Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend! What a beautiful place for a football game! The boy went out at halftime and marched with the band, they were fantastic!!! This is the first time they performed and the 2nd time at an NFL Stadium.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?
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Back To Gilwell...

Haven't been posting lately. Spent the past weekend on a high intensity training program for Scouting called Wood Badge (C-29-08). It is 6 days on Scouting skills, training seminars on leadership skills, communication, group dynamics. It was in a word, incredible. I learned some great things and met some incredible people. It was definitely a life changing experience. There is still more to come. My patrol (Eagle) of adults have a project due in 3 weeks when we go on a backpacking trip for 3 days. That should be fun. We have to have a meeting or two before then. After that I have to 'work my ticket', which is a personal project that I complete to improve Scouting for my Troop or District. After that I will be awarded my Wood Beads, which is a huge honor.

So there is my week in a nutshell, working hard and planning and camping...

What have you been doing?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am the father of a high school sophomore. Yes I said it. He is also driving and starting to really have his own life. I am so very proud of him and yet still feel very very old.

On another note, it was a very busy weekend. It started friday with 20 people at my house from 7-11pm working on the Scout Court of Honor to be held on Sunday night. Then Saturday all day was spent working on and then having a Surprise Party/Calm Bake for my 2 brothers and mother, all who have august birthdays within 10 days of each other, also they turned 30/35/65. Then a little too much of the spirits and it was up until 2am having a good time.

Wake Sunday morning (no hangover, thank you Maker's Mark) and go to church and my Goddaughter's Baptism. Back to the parents house for the party till 4pm. Then home and changed into uniform to go to the Scout's Pitch-In Dinner and Court of Honor till 9:30. Finally home and passed out because I had to be at work at 4am Monday morning.

Now THAT is a weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Busy Bee

Scouting has taken over my life!!! I am very involved in my son's troop and the district. I just spent last month organizing our week long summer camp, which we ran ourselves. Which means I had to staff the camp with our parents and then organize the program. We had 92 boys and 45+ adults attend camp. We ran a merit badge program with 5 one hour classes a day. Yes that means that I had to schedule 92 boys into 47, yes 47 different merit badges. Some where offered 5 times a day others only once. It was a tough task that took very long making sure that a) teachers were available for the class time in question (many parents taught different merit badges) and b) all the boys were happy. I finally succeeded and we had a great week. Now it is clean up time. By that I mean that numerous Merit Badges required a little home work (visit a Fire House, perform 8 hours of community service, watch the night sky for 3 weeks) and I have been busy getting ready for our annual Court of Honor. That is the ceremony were all the awards and rank are handed out in front of the Troop and family and friends. Currently we will hand out over 70 Rank badges (Star, Tenderfoot, Life, etc) and we are approaching 500 Merit Badges!!!

Now that the boys are all done earning the stuff, now I have to sign and buy and sort the badges. We spent $1,500 on badges and stuff the other day and now I have 6 people coming over friday to help organize and sort all the stuff...

On top of that I have worked 6-7 days a week for the past 3 weeks AND all my family is in town from NYC and LA and I have hardly seen them...I wish I had a clone!