Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Morning

What a weekend so far. It started Friday when I called in sick. The boy has been sick for the past few days (not at school since Wednesday) and I have been feeling it but sticking it out. Until Friday when, half way to work I had to turn around (I leave the reason to your imagination). So Friday was all shits and giggles, the giggles being home with the boy and we are both sick, the shits, well I'll leave that to your imagination as well.

Yesterday went better, boy still sick and me doing better. We did not leave the house at all yesterday. The wife did to pick up lunch but otherwise a nice quiet indoor day.

It is now Monday morning and I am on the way to work. I have Oscar talk and a little home improvement stuff from yesterday as well...needless to say both the boy and I are feeling better and back to our regular routines....

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No I Am Not Crazy

This is an actual conversation I had with my dog. While I know dogs can not talk I swear to God I said every word reported and she talked with eyes, looks, and tail:

INT: Upstairs Boy's Bedroom, Dog on bed:

ME: Alright I am leaving for work want to go outside?

DOG: uh, no.

ME: Come on, I am leaving wanna go outside?

DOG: Are you deaf? Bye.

ME: OK, your loss.

INT: Kitchen, Me preparing a lunch of chips, soda and Peanut Butter and Jelly

DOG: (Suddenly downstairs) Is that Peanut Butter?

ME: Hey, need to go out?

DOG: Cut that crap out, IS THAT PEANUT BUTTER?

ME: What, you like peanut butter, sorry all gone.

INT: I walk towards to garbage and hit the foot petal and the lid opens. I take the semi-empty jar and get ready to toss it.

DOG: Hey, are you gonna throw that out?

ME: What's a matter?

DOG: Do not tell me you are throwing that out.

ME: Do you want this?

DOG: Hell YES!!!!

ME: I don't know, mom would be pissed if you get peanut butter on the rug.

DOG: Comeoncomeonecomeoncomeon....

ME: Alright, here you go.

DOG: You Da Man!!!

End Scene.

Cause Everyone is Doing It....

The States I Have Visited:

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Note to self: visit the Northwest and Texas.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A little bit of this......

Jumbled Thoughts Today:

1. Heard the term Saturated Earth yesterday, great name for a band.

2. Weather getting nicer and drivers getting stupid. But they are think of passing a road rage bill here in Indiana, maybe they should past a Stupid Drivers Bill and ticket any idiot hogging the left lane while DOZENS must pass on the left because he/she is an idiot.

3. PARTY UPDATE: The Common Sense Party would support a bill that made Speed Limits on NON-RESIDENCIAL roads Speed Suggestions and focused on Aggressive Driving. That would stop cops from pulling over cars going 60 in a 55 but allow them to pull over aggressive drivers going any speed. We have a road here that went from 2 lane (one each way) to 4 lane WITH a turning lane and the speed limit is still 40 and I have watched people get pulled over doing 45-50 on it. This road is concrete and nicer and straighter than most 4 lane highways but they never updated the Speed Limit, the street parallel to it and only 2 lanes is 40mph. Aarrgg.

4. Saw SAW last night, another excellent movie. Finally we have people thinking outside the box!!! Well written and directed, it actually gets a great performance out of Carey Elwes. Score another one for young Hollywood outsiders and small studios!!!!!!

5. My newest addiction is ROME: TOTAL WAR. I could play it for hours and have, a great follow up to SHOGUN:TOTAL WAR and MEDIEVIL: TOTAL WAR. If you liked Risk growing up then look no further. It is two games in one and will keep any avid military/simulation gamer happy!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Bad Movies

I have been on a bad movie run lately and not by choice. The last 2
movies I have seen absolutely sucked!!!! The first was potential
thriller The Forgotten. The trailer gave it away (at least to me) and
the alternate ending on the DVD was the exact same ending just shot a
little different. Alternate endings to me are Frodo does not make it
to Mt Doom or Thelma and Louise give up at the end of the chase, not
different angles and an added shot. Forget the Forgotten.

The second movie was a loser to start but had the popcorn/camp feel at
first. House of the Dead, based on the video game of the same name,
was DOA. The movie was so bad that they needed to insert clips of the
video game to make it run 90 minutes. Terrible, awful and a waste of
time. The only good thing was when the Ship's Captain (Captain Kirk)
first walks on they show the ravers and one says "Were did they pick
up this U-Boat Captain" and then they show the captain, Jurgen
Prochnow in similar attire from his famous role in Das Boot. Would
have been funny if not forced. Skip both and go straight to Shaun of
the Dead, AWESOME!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Of Seat Belts and Taxes

Here in Indiana you do not have to wear a seat belt in trucks. Now there is a loop hole that classifies some SUV's, Station Wagons, even Mini Vans as trucks and you do not have to wear a seat belt in them. There is a huge movement to add trucks to the Seat Belt Click It or Ticket law. And today we showed a gentleman whose daughter was killed in a single car accident in which her truck flipped and she was pinned underneath and died cause she did not wear a seatbelt. I felt very bad for this man and was saddened by his story.

But what difference does it make if the seat belt is the law in trucks. Honestly if your child is taught to buckle up when driving a VEHICLE when he/she is 16 then hopefully they will buckle up every time they get in a VEHICLE. I felt sorry for this man, I truly did, but do not blame the fact that your daughter did not buckle up on the fact that you have the OPTION of not wearing a seat belt in trucks here in Indy. Why should my tax dollars go towards making sure IDIOTS buckle up while driving their Pick Ups???? If cheeseburgers weren't so tasty I wouldn't be fat, if I didn't like living outside my means I wouldn't be in debt, if alcohol didn't take way my pain I wouldn't be an alcoholic, if my aunt had balls she's be my uncle. Sorry people, seat belts SAVE LIVES, if you don't know that by now you never made it out of the 4th grade and let's just consider it a weeding of the gene pool. Those who are smart wear seat belts, those who don't are either stupid or forgetful and in the case of the latter, accidents happen and I am sorry for your loss. Let's take the money instead and feed another worthy program like: fixing the roads ALL VEHICLES drive on and make them safer!!!!

First on the adjenda of the Common Sense Party: no laws reiterating plain common sense, they are wasteful and usually tied with some stupid pork project. If you are too dumb to realize what over 99% of the population does, then please do not breed!

PS Brent (or some other police officer) when you read could you please comment if you have statistics or police reasoning. Thanks.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day Greeting

To my wife, I love you more today than yesterday and just a little bit less than tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Actually that only applies to my wife, well to you as well gentle reader but most of it is reserved for the wife. As corny as it may seem I am truly and deeply in love with her. We have been married for 12 years and I cannot think of life without her! She calls it a sickness, I call it amour!!

Snuggle your sweety, hug your honey or cuddle with your cuttie, it's Valentine's Day!!!!

To the single and/or unattached it is Monday and for that I am as pissed as you are but hit the lunch room and sneak someone's Valentine's Day chocolate, that'll hit the spot.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Another Saturday

Weren't we just here?!?!?!?! I hate when the week goes fast cause that means the weekend will go faster. Not a lot of things to piss me off this week. It is hard to get motivated when you just want to sit and relax then can't relax because you have so much work to do....

Tis Lent and one should give up something till Easter as a form of sacrifice. Some people parade it others keep it quiet, I am the latter. Everyone is making a big deal about the Pope missing Ash Wednesday, get off his back, the man is old and sick and missed mass for the first time in almost 30 YEARS, give the man a break. And all this talk of him stepping down, no way jack. The Pope is Pope for life and is the figurehead of my faith. Do not start a precedent when a Pope can step down when he is ready. The Pope is God's representative on Earth, what is he going to do when he retires, go on a speaking circuit like ex-Presidents, be an advisor to up and coming religions, report on the Today Show as a Rome Expert, then throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium. The Pope serves until he is called home and then a new Pope is chosen. So all you morning show talking heads and biased Evening Newscasters should just sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Talk all you want about should Bush step down, should Clinton be charged with Sexual harassment, should we nuke Iraq but drop the investigative shit on the future of the Pope before he calls down His Wrath upon you!!!!!!

God Bless

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Party

We need a new political party, the current ones have lost touch with America and seem to hear only their own voices which are sounding more alike as time goes by. I am not sure what to call the party but I have two ideas: The Replacement Party or The Common Sense Party. Either way they will get the same result. It is time for our representatives in Local, State and Federal Government to remember that they are there to represent US, not special interest groups, not radical organizations, but the people who voted and put them there. It is time for the people to step up and say THIS is what we want and THIS is what you will do and if you do not then we will replace you. If more people were tuned in to what was going on on Capitol Hill then they were tuning into the O.C. then changes would be flying around like popcorn at a Pauly Shore movie. There needs to be a web site that keeps track of votes and voters and bills and legislation and how our person voted. There needs to be an organization that educates the public and makes them aware of the issues and finds out how the community feels about those issues and then reports back to the representatives and tells them how the COMMUNITY wants them to vote. Basic rule is simple majority, not all legislation affects all people and not all legislation is agreeable to all people but it is time for the few loudmouths with time and money to stop dictating to OUR government. Why is Gay Marriage an issue when less than 3% of our population is gay and millions enter our country illegally and get on welfare and fee healthcare not addressed. Why is abortion an issue when thousands of American children are starving daily, why is Janet Jackson's boob an issue when our youth are killing themselves with guns and drugs, why, why, why. These people better wake up and address the real issues facing crisis in this great nation before there is no nation to govern.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Upon further review and hearing of a news story out of UNLV another
reason for being quiet and having no expressed opinions outside of
one's home. A student there was offended by a comment a professor
made while teaching ECONOMICS. While looking at case studies about
financial planning across a broad spectrum (Single/married,
with/without children, race, religion, age) the teacher suggested
sexuality and if one group they were looking at did not plan for
retirement because of their homosexuality? A student complained and
the teacher will not get tenure or a salary increase because of the
complaint. The teacher is suing the school and I hope he wins. But
that illustrates the point, say something that someone does not agree
with and you can face disciplinary charges if said in a public place.

This is not the America my parents and grandparents fought to preserve!!!

On Blogging

Found a disturbing note today in my morning surfing, Brent from Cop Talk has closed up shop. That is a shame as I was a regular reader and he had a nice range of family, business (police work), politics and random issues on any given day. I hope everything is OK there as he took the site down to retool and maybe even change the name and then today pow!!!!!! I have heard/read horror stories of bloggers being found out at work or home and facing some serious consequences. Good luck to him and his family and I hope we will see him again soon in some form or another.

Reading Brent's goodbye brought me to why I do this, and I think the reason is...just because. I go days without posting or post several times a day, I want readers but not too many and I can write whatever is in my head in any way I want to present it. I have some very strong views about life, some are not popular but I have them anyway. I am also very quiet at work/home. Do not get me wrong if you met me I am a loud mouth with a quick joke or disturbing observation but never on anything important. I believe I am that way because I feel that most people are thin skinned and that I have seen co-workers go at it on a political/society issue and it never ends well. Then everyone else is walking on egg shells around these two people while they sort their shit out. Not a very good working environment. Hell that already happened here at my new job recently when I made a statement and this girl didn't talk to me for 2 weeks. I need to go to work, do my job and come home after 8 hours, in there I either have to be left alone, hold idle conversations or goof off. And I have to laugh at least once a day. I don't need charged discussions, political labels and hard feelings in the workplace.

A Look Back:
OK, I just put the boy on the bus (2 hours delay due to fog) and cleaned the house, so I reread the above. People who knew me in New York will probably laugh and say I am full of shit as I was an opinionated bastard at work since day one. I was and I think I had to be, as a union officer I had to make sure my views on issues were known and I did not stop at union issues either. When I got here to Indy two things happened: there was no union at the workplace and I had a nice clean slate to work with. So now when I want to explode I use Resist....instead of my co-workers. So that is 'just because', maybe someday I will write a bit better, more cohesive and with better insight on man and society, maybe someday I will take the next step to short stories, or the great American Novel, or maybe I will just ramble on in the little corner of cyber space and you will come along, read, drop a comment and move along. In the end, thanks for stopping by and enjoy........

Monday, February 07, 2005

Superbowl Commercials 2005

Below is a link to every Super Bowl Commercial by quarter. It is awesome. The game was pretty good (not a big fan of anything that comes out of Boston/New England) but over all very well played. Half time show was OK, didn't look like any lipsyncing and I was glad of no stunt casting, Paul singing and his band playing, no Brittany to help out Hey Jude, no Lenny hitting the guitar on Live and Let Die and no PDiddy coming out of the stage and hitting his own lyrics to Drive My Car. I may not have really liked the selection of performer (never a huge Beatles fan) but I enjoyed the relatively hype-less show.

Now more importantly the commercials:

Best Holy Shit I Have Got To See That Movie: War of the Worlds

Best Celebrity: Burt Reynolds

Best Commercial: Tie to the same company: Man on Cell phone in You are being robbed and Surprise Dinner with the cat and pasta sauce.

Judge for yourself:
AOL Sports: Superbowl Commercials 2005

OK that being said and done, some random weekend thoughts and issues:

1. American Dad, by the makers of Family Guy (one of my favs) was OK, trying too much to be Family Guy and knowing how long it takes to do animation shows I am sure this was well into production when the powers that be decided to bring back Family Guy, shelve it Fox and let Family Guy get a good run before making it an hour long series......

2. The wife returns this evening, and I can not wait. Enjoyed some guy time with the boy but being single just ain't right........

3. Dirty War. HBO movie from BBC, terrorists exploded a dirty bomb in downtown London. Would have been boring if not right on the nose. In the end one of the terrorist is told the only thing they accomplished is that England would retaliate. What the terrorist says is so true it is scary: "We expect retaliation and what will unite us and make us stronger will divide you and make you weaker." No truer words have I heard.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Home Alone

The wife left for New York so it is just me and the boy this weekend. Got the correct type of hard drive for my PC (Serial ATA) so we will try that again sometime this weekend. Also put up a banner on the left about FireFox Browser, if you are not using it you are missing out and putting your PC in danger. Please give it a shot, I love it and think you will too.

Get Firefox!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Favorites (On Time)

Junk Food

What is your favorite...

1. ...Sugar cereal?

Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. I do not get it often but when I do now it is a TREAT!!

2. ...Candy bar?
This is a tie! Regular size candy bar: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but if you are talking Mini's I could not get enough of the Hershey's Special Dark this Christmas, mm, mm good!!
PS Classic Candy Bar would be the Reggie Bar, you had to live in New York and be a Yankees Fan but it was so good. Not so much the Bernie Bar of Cleveland Brown quarterback Bernie Kosar.

3. ...Salty snack?
That would be Planters Sweet and Crunchy Peanuts. I know it says salty, the peanuts are salty just covered in a sweet and crunchy shell.

4. ...Movie snack?
Popcorn, smothered in movie butter and mixed with a handful of Goobers! Always get the tub, the price is worth the first born and you can always take it home and enjoy day old popcorn the next morning.

5. ...Home made snack?
The wife just made brownies last night. Nothing better than her premade mix with some added home made secrets (and the secret ingredient is not love)

Sent in by Aunt Murry

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Scene on Sunday, after the storm. Posted by Hello

Chicago Blizzard and the Day After Posted by Hello

Some before and after shots from Chicago. Enjoy Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Your Response Sir....

I was going to write today about children and when is the time to have them, but I was over at Greg Beck's site, Death's Door, and he was writing about yesterday's story about teens thinking the First amendment is to loose and needs to be stricter. Go read.....

You're back, good, here's my take. I think a lot of it has to do with the irresponsibility of the media. The big oops I remember was Oklahoma City, no one in their right mind would think that 2 skinny white boys would blow up an American Federal Building and the big three (ABC, NBC, CBS) had all their Middle East experts on the tube trying to figure out who did this. Then the truth came out and they were all over themselves apologizing to the Arab Street (Don't worry they said we'll get you later). The 9/11 happened and while no one was "jumping to conclusions even though we have video of Arab men (some known with terrorist ties) getting on board the flights any number of things could have happened. As soon as that dies down you have the media bias against Bush and the 2004 elections. It is hard to trust a media that has one of it's big chiefs (Rather) go on the air with false documents when a majority of the research staff and outside expects could not authenticate the papers, because it suited him and his beliefs to go forward with the story. The same can be said of newspapers (New York Times). We are more interested in Jen and Ben or Brad or whomever is the flavor of the month than real news. There have been several young girls killed in the Indianapolis area over the past year but because none of them were cute little beauty pageant girls from affluent families in Colorado you never saw them on The Evening News, or 20/20 or even 60 Minutes.

I think the First amendment is fine the way it is, but maybe these teens are looking for Freedom of RESPONSIBLE Speech. They want the media to check their facts, they want true Fair and Balanced reporting of stories. If I want a leftist or rightist bias I can listen to talk radio, or the varied name shows on CNNBCMSNFOXNEWS, not watching the national evening news and it's related programs.

Want to see the proper use of the Freedom of Speech, watch Meet the Press with Tim Russert, Sunday mornings on NBC. The only newsman doing it right!