Monday, January 27, 2003

Super Bowl is over and done with, now it's time to get ready for BASEBALL!!!!!!

Now I watched the first half (mostly for the commercials) and the half time show!!!!! Why do these 'artists' have to lip sync?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Now No Doubt and Sting were live but Shania wasn't, and why not?? I see the same thing at the Macy's Parade and other events. Now I understand why they did it on Americna Bandstand back in the 60's, but man we have technology now that your whole band can be there and sound good. Nothing sucks more than musicians playing instruments that aren't even plugged in ....maybe the singers who sing into microphones that aren't plugged in.....

The commercials were GREAT, my favorite is a tied between the Bud commercial with the zebra and the upside-down clown.....funny stuff..........

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Wednesday, did little so far on vacation. House is so clean it's sick. Gonna clean and 'minimalize' the Family Room today. Boy does it need it!

Some viewing notes from the past few days:

American Idol: Didn't watch last season and only watching this year because the wife and boy like it (I can't stand today's music). I found it very funny, for most of these people are HORRIBLE and then get pissed when they are told that!!!!!! God Bless America!!!!

The Shield: If there is a better show on TV right now, I never heard of it!!!!!! The writing, acting, directing, it's got it all!!!! Don't let the nay-sayers gripe about the language and graphic violence. My favorite show is of course The Soprano's, but to tell you the truth, this third season had little violence, nudity or language and I still watched EVERY Sunday!!!! Check out the Shield and se ewhat you are missing!!!!!!

NYPD Blue: Re-vitalized!!!!!!!! All I can say is thank God, little Ricky left!!! While I did like him, the character wasn't going anywhere and the currnet cast is really pulling it together!!!!!

That's all for today, must clean and catch up on 2 ER's.........

Monday, January 20, 2003

Monday, bleechhh...................

On vacation this week and hope to get some stuff done. Weekend nice and quite, home life going smoothly. Haven't heard from Washington or Indy, I give them till the end of the week and then drop aline.

Snow, snow and more snow, temps were in the single digits all week, with wind chills in the negative numbers!!!

In the year of 'Leaving Work at Work", things are doing well. I take off that 'coat' of frustration at 2pm when I leave and am happoer for it at home. My wife asked why I was laughing so much the other day when we were all just goofing off....just happy I guess. It's funny how when you work at a place you like and do a job you love you get so involved and want to help to make everything just right. Then you come to a realization that no matter what you say, do , or suggest, in the end you are just a number and the company will do whatever it wants to do. So the way I see it, I give them 40 hours of work for money. If needed and able I can work more than that for more money. If I am unable to do so, I will not disrupt my family life to work extra hours (there are 30 other people to choose from). If they want me to jump on one leg and rub my belly while pushing my button then so be it. It is management's perogitive to mis-manage!!!! IN the end I will be happier for it and still sane after work......

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I give you.......10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes today is our 10th Wedding Anniversary! I am one lucky man!! She is my life. Words cannot describe how I feel so I wont even try........

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

In the news yesterday a man robbed a bank and lead police on a 45 minute chase through downtown Rochester. While several cars were smashed, no one was hurt. The villian crashed into a snow bank and tried to escape on foot, he was caught. The "People DO the Stupidest Things" award goes to the woman who was at the crash scene and started stuffing the money (that was flying everywhere) into her jacket when other by-standers restrained her until police took her into custody. She faces charges of Grand Larceny. HA!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Now I intended to write more during the week, sorry...been busy busy...

Monday: Union call from 2pm - 7:30pm
Tuesday: Cub Scouts
Wednesday: Union Meeting (6:30-9:30 urg)
Thursday: Weight Meeting (5-7)
Friday: Feel asleep at 8pm

Did I mention that I am dealing with a Sexual Harrasment termination (not me) and a work layoff (3 people this time). I am truly exhausted. Rented SOCOM Navy Seals to vent some frustration but haven't had time to play it and the dishes got back logged (I do the dishes and my wife does the laundry, it works!!!!).Anyway, today I think I will workout, clean my son's playroom and bring the Christmas tree to the local nature center for recycling.

The good news is through everything this week (including the usual "hate my job' situations) I have brought NONE of it home and been having some laughs all week with the wife and boy. Part of my new year, new outlook is to leave the shit at work and enjoy the family God has blessed me with. The other day someone said it was nice to close the book on 2002 and begin the first chapter of 2003, I said "Close the book, tie it shut, attach a cement block, go to the middle of Lake Ontario and drop it in!!!", "Bad year?" he asked, "Nope" I said, "2003's been pretty good so far!!!" While that got a good laugh from the group, it is very true. We shall never speak of it again!!!!!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Saturday, FINALLY. WE just finished taking down the tree and now it's time to clean the house. We have about 10 inches outside and we need to move south!! My wife's job been jerking her around again, but she can handle herself and I am sure things will work out. We plan on being out of here soon so if she could just hang on for a few months we'll be south. They are picking finalists for the University job, I'm keeping me fingers crossed. The DC job doesn't 'appear' until the Fed passes the budget (hurry, hurry). Got to post some pics soon. Haven't posted to the Canon Forum in awhile and didnt do Theme Thursday all December. Canon's Subject of the Month is where you live. Gonna have to take the camera to work and get some shots of downtown Rochester........

Til Later

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year!!!!!!!! From my family to you and yours!!!!

I've been sick this week and missed last night, passed out around 8pm and was awoken by my son yelling "3..2..1..Happy New Year!!!" My family then all came up to my room to wake me. I, of course, had to work this morning at 5am (alarm went off at 4am), so sick and tired I dragged my sorry butt in to work. While airing The Today Show it was nice to see the only 'major' news story of the day was the Mexican fire, while tragic, I was braced for much worse on New Year's Eve. Locally there was not one DWI related accident!!!!

All in all I am looking forward to big changes in 2003 and am very glad 2002 is behind us.