Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Deth too teh Spelcheacker

We have become a lazy society dependent upon many 'do-it-for-you' applications in everyday life. Automated car washer, cruise control, Digital Video Recorders, Coffee Makers, Remote Controls, TI Calculators, etc. My main enemy today is the spellchecker. It is on every word processor and e-mail generator and blog tool known to man. I had to reboot my computer recently and that resets every application to the default and I always have Outlook check my spelling before sending any mail. It has been like that forever and I just type away e-mails as fast as my two fingers can keep up with my mind then hit send and correct all the spelling. However the spellchecker was turned off and when I hit send off my e-mail went with atrocious spelling mistakes to coaches, parents and league board members. Being my witty self I resent the e-mail with corrections in red and a thanks to the inner child for coming out and expressing his love for Little League but we might have to cut back practices to get a little more schooling in........

Last week there was a huge uproar at the schools because they were no longer providing calculators for some standardized testing they do every year. They claimed the students could solve all the math without a calculator but they did not bar any student from bringing their own from home. This of course became a Rich v Poor, Inner City v Suburbs issue. The bottom line is the kids can do the math but they never had to grab a piece of scrap paper and work it out long hand like we had to do back when calculators had + and - anything else was bonus. And you NEVER where able to bring it into a test and every math quiz had the dreaded direction: SHOW YOUR WORK!

Plus how many times have you torn the living room apart, flipping couches, looking under rugs, checking the refridgerator or by the phone looking for the TV remote to turn the volume up while actually passing the TV 15 times, maybe even placing your hands on it as you look behind it and in the Entertainment Center yet still not turning it down?!?!?!?!?!??!

Rebel!!!!!!! Use scrap paper, grind your own coffee beans, get off the coach and change that channel and for God's Sake, please check your own spelling. Now I am going to hit Spell Check and AutoPost.....good day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Deja You!

Funny thing, I have been working on a draft post called "Date Yourself", I was trying to find some questions I would answer, and in turn ask my visitors to on their blogs that would show a little something about our age, tastes, upbringing. For example, "First R Rated Movie, First Album You Bought, First TV show (non-cartoon) you had to watch, MASH....First run episodes or syndication". Anyway I was working on that when Joe at The Internet Ate My Homework did something similar but much more serious. So without further ado I answer Joe's questions and suggest you copy and do the same, and thank Joe for a great pondering!!!!

Where were you when the space shuttle Challenger exploded? January 28, 1986.

I was in High School at the time, Sophomore. It was a snow day and I was at my friend Kevin Brown's house. We were both Shuttle 'geeks' and he had a Home Computer (rare at the time) and we were playing The Art of War on it. When we saw the time we turned on the TV to see if they were going to televise the launch when we saw the explosion. We stared for a moment thinking that the Solid Rocker Boosters had exploded and the shuttle had broke free but it was not to be. I can't remember how long we sat there but soon it was dark out and the nation in mourning. I bought many papers that next day, I had several scrap books of every shuttle launch from the first sub-orbital test flight to this one and looking back on those books the Challenger was the last Shuttle I ever documented. I still watched the shuttle launches till last year and even stopped the remote on the NASA channel and listened to the neverending beeps and chatter as our Shuttle fleet orbited the earth. I even did a link up with the shuttle several years ago when a local man became an astronaut and got his first flight. But Challenger hit me like nothing ever did, till September 11th, 2001.

Where were you when the Oklahoma City Federal Building was bombed? April 19, 1995.

This one was difficult. I was working for CBS in Rochester on the night shift, I remember puttin my 2 year old down for a nap and then flipping on the TV to take a break. It was already all over the news and I flipped up and down the channels for complete coverage. Two things stick out during the whole thing. First was that all the networks blamed Islamic extremists at first, something the apologized for when the truth was revealed but something I think lead to the ease with which some of the 9/11 terrorists took advantage of (Authority's fear of "racial profiling" backlash). The second was more personal and can touch me even today. The picture of the Firefighter holding the limp dead body of the young girl. As a Director I saw that picture every day, 2,3, hell as much as five or six times a day and in the end I just couldn't look at it. At one time a co-worker walked in to Sub-control while I had it punched up in a monitor and couldn't ake my eyes off of it. She called my name (thankfully) and brought me out of my haze. Thank God for her, 2 more minutes and I would have been a blubbering wreak.

Where were you when the world trade centers were attacked? September 11, 2001.

I was directing the morning newscast for the NBC affiliate in Rochester, NY. It was time for the local newsbreak at the top of the hour when the Today Show cut to the Twin Towers, one ablaze. With little warning we did a quick 2 minute local newsbreak and I made the call to go back to the Today Show even though we were supposed to air Live with Regis and Kelly. Little did I know that we were to stay with the network for several days. Much of that day is a blur, I remember calling my father, who knew several people who were killed that day, and asking about his company's office in the Towers, calling my brother who lived in the shadow of the Sears Tower in Chicago, calling my aunt and asking about my cousin who was an EMT in NYC and my uncle who worked for Amtrak in Mid-Town Manhattan, my grandmother who had worked there and lived within site of the skyline since she came here from Italy, calling my wife to tell her to turn on the TV and see the accident at the Towers, then calling her again to tell her about the 2nd aircraft, then the 3rd time when she yelled at me for scaring the shit out of her when I told her about the Pentagon attack. Trying to explain to my son what evil really is and what the Towers ment to America, New York and me. Talking to my mother-in-law as they fled downtown Manhattan after getting rained out of Yankee stadium the night before. They awoke early and thought about sight-seeing and hitting the Towers and the Statue of Liberty before heading home to upstate New York when they decided to just beat the northbound traffic and leave. No one was crossing the bridge into Manhattan when they left and traffic was non-existent as they were one of the last to make it over the bridge before it was closed to automobiles..........random thoughts, jumbled conversations, mixed emotions, running at full steam and just so tired you could sleep standing up; how I wrote this was how I still see it in my head, and will forever.


This has been sitting in my draft bin for several days as I tried to reorganize this last event and came to the conclusion that it is as organized as I think I will ever get it. Please copy and paste these 3 events and comment on them on your blog. I would love it if you comment here so I can read your version and make your you hit Joe with a thanks for the idea.......

Sunday, September 12, 2004

No Witty Title

It is Sunday morning, the wife is at work and the boy is napping as he is sick so I am catching up on computer work and bills.

I thought about writing about 9/11. I wrote some stuff that day and even on the 1st anniversary. But I decided not to yesterday. I don't know why, maybe it is time to move on. Never forget, never ever forget!!! I just feel that people need to move on with their lives. It is funny, it came to me while watching Rescue Me last week. A firefighter who was there and having troubles goes to a support group, while there he reads some bad poetry he wrote and the group is crying. The firefighter then asks one guy who spoke up which tower he was in, and he responded that he was in California on business. Turns out the noone in the whole group was there that day, one was even out of the country in Paris. The firefighter gets pissed and storms out, "Get over it you bunch of pussies and move on!" So that is what I am going to try to do.........I grew up in the shadows of the Twin Towers, I was there many a time, my father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all at one time or another worked in Manhattan, in and around the Twin Towers, like millions of others over these past 30 years that was my home, my city, my backyard and to watch what those madmen did saddens and angers me.

I don't like watching replays of that day (working in TV you see it a lot!), I don't like seeing it as a political plaything, I support the war on terror, I support the war in Iraq, I think any country harboring terrorist should be next on our hit list, I believe in racial profiling of terrorists, they are Islamic Extremists, I think we know what they look like, stop pulling grandmas, black couples and mothers of 5 out of line at the airport and start pulling those of arab descent out of line. Yes I know that all Arabs are not terrorists but on 9/11 100% of those terrorists were. I believe in using our military technology to wipe them off the face of the earth, get our troops out of harms way and use the smart bombs and guided missiles. Instead of wasting our troops on that mosque they were held up in Najaf, back the troops up and reduce the place to rubble, problem solved.

I believe in many things, not always popular or what Jesus would do but they are my beliefs. On September 11th, 2004 I said a quick prayer, observed a moment of silence then went out and grilled, watched my son play football, relaxed with the wife and a movie and showed that the best way to give those terrorist a nice big middle finger in the face is to live life as we always have done, free!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Something New

In the tradition of the Friday Five:
Appetizer: If someone gave you 3 new goldfish today, what would you name them?
Mo, Larry and Curly

Soup:What's the worst movie you've seen this year so far?
The Big Bounce. Sorry Owen Wilson and Leonard Elmore, I expected more, at least funny!!!

Salad: If given the chance and you could pick the person, would you want to switch lives with someone on earth for one whole day?
Easy, my wife!!!! Let me see life from the other side of the family! She does more than I'll ever know and maybe I should find out all about it.

Main Course: What's your favorite season? Name 2 things you love about it.
Winter, snow, snow and snow, plus I love long lazy nights. In Rochester the sun would set at 4:30 and it would be pitch black by 5:00pm.

Dessert: What is something you frequently buy that you don't really need?
Books. I have tons of books, boxes full and what I really need is to visit the library more often. I am a reader and can go through several books a month. Since moving to the new house with 2 incredible libraries available to me I no longer hit Barnes & Noble as I used to. Too bad for them but better on my wallet and bookcases.

New Look and Ooops!!!

Changed it up a bit and just used a generic template from the several offered by Blogger. Then came to realize that I had caused the funkyness of my page. I used '_____' to seperate thoughts on a post and went too far to the right.....what a dumb shit. Anyway, cleaned up some messes and am trying out the Blogger Comments......

Also to the left you will see a links column. I will be putting links of merit or note I think you should visit. These are separate from blogrollers, my favorites and links I enjoy (I keep those on My Page of Stuff), but links to thinks that might interest you or educate you or something in the forefront of the news, etc......or maybe just another list of bullshit links I find on the internet.


Labor Day

Today is the first Labor Day that I can remember that I have not worked the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Unreal. I am at work (TV never sleeps) but it is quiet and we are showing US open Tennis.

Busy weekend as my nephew turned 1, the boy had his first football game and my family came in from New York and Chicago to visit.

I had some rants and observations but the problem with the site is bothering me and I might try to change templates to see if that will fix it. So maybe more raving later......

If you have the day off, enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What the...?

For some reason my page is out of whack.......no idea why sorry folks...

Oh and Cheney is no Arnold on the soap-box. Sorry.

Yankees lose 22-0 yesterday, I am shamed and depressed and insanely grumpy at work today!!!

I need to join the YMCA which is down the block from my house.

I followed the Fonz and got me a library card for our new library...AAAAAAAyyyyy!!!!!

2 more days till the weekend and we have the boy's 1st Football game, my nephews 1st birthday and the boy's first school invite to a party, all on Saturday and all at 1pm......of all the luck.

This jumbled, rambling brought to you by "Time-Killer", as in 10 minutes till Rescue Me and I was playing on the dashboard to fix the blog and hit Posting/Create.......

Ho-lee Sh**

OK giving equal time and fulfilling a curiosity we watched some of the RNC last night. See Amazing Race was supposed to be on at a special time of 9pm so they could air the RNC Live at 10pm, stupid us fell for the Time Zone Trap (we in Indiana do not change clocks we just change time zones and today we are in Central Time). so when we tuned in at 9pm (CST) we got the Live Feed of the RNC (10pm EST). But it was Arnold and I wanted to see one of my cinematic heroes take a step into the big-time political arena. Well I'll be damned no wonder he won 'Kalefornea', that boy can give a speech. I was amazed, stunned and actually moved by him. Now I know they all have speechwriters and he was possibly practicing this speech for several weeks but he was energizing, entertaining and very effective. If I was an 'undecided' (which I am) I would definitely give the Republican Party a look. Best thing of all, only the one shot with the "True Lies" reference at the Democrats. I am a very talk the issues guy, not a bash the other guy guy.


Oh and got the furniture on Monday, fortunately my sister stopped by for an hour before work and they actually showed up. Good thing they did, I was pissed off and still am about the whole delivery when we say not when you need bullshit some of these companies follow.